more receivers

wow...he gots us some receivers...even if a pile of them are injured

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Barnes (6’0 – 215 lbs) signed as a free agent with the Chicago Bears in 2010 where he spent a portion of the season on their practice roster. The Bowling Green product holds the NCAA single season reception record with 155 (1,770 yards) in 2009. He also broke Randy Moss’s single season Mid-American Conference yardage record.

Anyone who breaks a season record by Moss (for playing stats anyways) is an exciting prospect.

I heard about Bernard, but Barnes was a surprise.

Barnes looks like he might be pretty good!
check out the straight arm @ 0:49

Can someone please explain why Fairooz is still with the team? Every year he is injured and never plays? One spot could be opened right there!

One does not normally get cut while injured.

Yep. No employer can fire someone who was injured on the job if the injury itself is what causes them not to be able to do the job ...

No my point is every year he is injured and put on the injury list. Perhaps it is his way of insurance of a salary? Anyways, if he will never play why keep him. Release him when he is health, we have tons of new receivers that we may want to keep.