More QB s hurt then lower the Canadian Content rule

I think the problem is not with the starter Canadians but with the backups, as these guys do not have the experience yet and are not ready. We could either lower the Canadian content rule or add a couple of International players to the roster. The Quarterbacks sell the league and we need to protect them.
It is not like the NFL where they hand off the ball or fast release short passes. This does not expose the QB to injury. CFL QB s throw deeper and hang on to the ball longer. When they do this they become targets. As the starter O.L. get hurt they are replaced with less experienced and we loose the leader to injury. CAP probably has some influence also.

I think going to 4 downs will lessen injuries to the qb as then with the issues as you say Argofan with OL injuries to Canadians that often play these positions with not a lot of depth at backup, handing the ball off more and throwing more short passes will or should result in fewer injuries.

Warren Moon said it best - Canadian football with 3 downs is a more difficult game for the qb than the 4 down American game. More is expected from the qb in the Canadian game. He said his career wouldn't have been as long had he stayed in Canada.

That would definitely take the pressure off the QB, as teams could just keep handing off to the running back, picking up three to four yards each play. How exciting that would be.

OK, if they reduced the number of Canadian starters, where do you think teams would use the extra Americans? I suspect it wouldn't be on the line. So are you recommending restricting the number of Canadians / guaranteeing a certain number of Canadians at certain positions?

I was thinking that they could have a couple more OL game ready. Remember what happened to Calgary last year. They pulled it off but I don’t think the other teams could. Just don’t want to loose any QB’s because of an inexperienced OL

I enjoy watching the NFL where QBs also get hurt.

However, I would not watch or support in any way a 4 down Canadian game because it just wouldn't be Canadian. It would be the death of CFL for me.

Sorry, misread your post. You specifically said "not the starters". Oops.

However, reducing the number of Canadian backups wouldn't solve the problem you see, as any Canadian starter would still need to be replaced by a Canadian. So teams would still need to have those inexperienced Canadian backups on the roster.

However, I would not watch or support in any way a 4 down Canadian game because it just wouldn't be Canadian. It would be the death of CFL for me.
FYB, I doubt few people even on this board would think along those lines any longer. Just what I think and I certainly don't think along those lines. To me Canadian football is about making sure Canadians playing the game at the CFL level. The rest is workable. Canadian football as been restructured so much throughout history and I guarantee that more changes will be forth coming that will further aline with the most popular gridiron football in North America, American football. The key is keeping Canadians mandated to start and play in the CFL and where we don't have situations like we are now having where your starting O line are injured and you have secondary Canadian o linemen up agains't NCAA All-American d linemen! That is a recipe for disaster for the q back in the CFL and we see this. The CFL needs to figure this one out and soon! But can it be figured out? I don't think so. The quarterbacks in the CFL need to be tough as nails or be friggin so good to release the ball quickly and on target should their starting Canadian o linemen start going down.

Now all that being said, it sure does make for some exciting football to see how teams adjust to injuries, especially on the o line.

Actually the solution is just the opposite. The problem is there's too many American backups (4 designated Int's, reserves, etc.) so Canadian backups and draft picks rarely get on the field. We should reduce the number of imports and increase the number of Nationals, who with playing time will develop into good football players. Every team will have the same and equal opportunity to draft, sign and develop Canadian players for the Canadian Football League, so it's a level playing field.

There is no way the league can reduce the number of Canadians any further and remain a credible national league. Some turncoats may want to whistle Yankee Doodle Dandy but there's already an American football league and our league is 10X better, even with half the players being Canadian. :thup:

the easiest solution is to change the National starter rule from 7 starters to having a minimum of 4 Nationals on the field at all times,
this way the teams have to develop national backups.
I also believe that the reduced practice times also lead to players not being in game shape, therefor more susceptible to injury.

You would be horribly wrong (and could see that if you bothered to look up how many times a 4 down proposal has been shot down here).

Today, with seven starters:

  • 3 on offensive line
  • 1 at wide receiver
  • 1 at safety
  • 1 at linebacker
  • 1 at defensive tackle

Tomorrow, with four starters:

  • 3 on offensive line
  • 1 at safety

How exactly does this help?

Now that I agree with. I think this is the main reason for the increased domination by the defensive lines over offensive lines. Defensive lines depend on more improvisation, more instinct, as they react to what’s happening in front of them. Offensive lines are more choreographed, and the reduction in practice time has had a negative impact on the timing and synchronization of those players.

I think it’s also been a major factor in the increase in penalties.

If coaches think their National O-linemen are weak, they are free to use Nationals at other positions, no? Why not stack the D-line with Nationals if protecting the QB is of such high priority? Or if you want to take the decision-making out of the coaches' hands, then make a rule that of the 7 National starters only 2 can be on the O-line.

In the past when the league had even more National starters, were QB injuries a big problem?

If we want to reduce injury, open up the game and reduce the number of Nationals then what about reducing the number of players on the field? 22 players on a CFL sized field instead of the current 24 would leave more space and gives teams the flexibility to reduce roster sizes. I think it would make the game more exciting.

So far in this thread I've read......let's see.........Lets get rid of Canadian players....Hey we should go to 4 downs.......Hey let's go with 11 players aside instead of 12..........Gee these are all brilliant ideas :roll: So what's next.......I know let's institute a rule called the fair catch instead of no yards and while were at it let's make the end zones only 10 yards deep.........While were at it let's just change the name of the league from the CFL to the NWBAFL short for National Want a Be American Football League. Here's a clue for ya all if you want to watch football with 4 downs and 11 men aside may I suggest this league that plays down in the States, maybe you've heard of it........It's called the NFL. :roll: :? I sometimes wonder if some of the people that post in these forums are actually really CFL fans or just American want to be's !!!

But what would be wrong with 11 players per side? You haven't explained why you think that's a bad idea, except that "that's American and we are wannabe's". What is the negative about that?
I can understand not bringing in 4 downs or fair catch etc that wouldn't improve the play in the field, but 11 players aside would see to me to make the most sense.

I don't see how giving the quarterback fewer targets would reduce the number of injuries to quarterbacks.

But the QB is also facing a defense with one fewer player.

I suppose. Not sure it would make that much difference, although it might cut down on blitzing. Hard to say.

I'm still thinking that the combination of reduced practice time and the extra two backups on the roster, which most teams used on the defence, were the main culprits here.

What is to say that the defensive team would take the player off the DLine? That's where the most direct threat to injury comes from until blitz.

As an aside, why don't we change a requirement, so that every CFL team can have the open slots at qb AND a fixed Canadian slot that does not go against the cap. Then we would likely see a Canadian QB get picked up and developed. Might be at minimum wage but I guess it's a start.

It is a unfair assumption that Canadian Offensive Linemen are why QB's are getting hurt .

Why are NFL QB's getting hurt ?

I thought the breakdown of injuries show it is the QB running and throwing at the same time in the CFL that is leaving the QB exposed .

Looking at Collaros injury it was definitely not a linemen's fault . Most QB's who roll out to throw leave themselves open to injury .

My favorite QB (1970s- 80s) was Tom Wilkinson who was forever getting hurt . It definitely had nothing to do with the Offensive Line . Wilkie because of his size had to roll out and was not quick and agile enough to avoid the hit .

If the Offensive Line was so bad in the CFL then why have the RedBlacks gone two years without old man Burris
getting injured and they are a brand new OLine .

Most times a QB gets clobbered in the backfield (pocket) it has to do with the blindside . The QB does not pick up the blitz and hangs onto the football too long . A good QB learns to survive the rush of the defense and adapts to what is being given . Maybe the fault lies with an offensive coordinator who does not adapt his offense to the defence .