More Proof Taman Has To Go

Wow, we signed Davin Bush!!

But We Lost --- Samuels, Abou-Mechric and still have no back up QB...LOL...

OH and we released Omar Evans Yesterday ... My God

And Taman says we are close to the Salary Cap (his interview on ctv news at 6 last night) and says we will not sign a CFL QB (wonder if that includes Banks???...hmmm)

Someone stop this nightmare in Winnipeg, PLEASE, Taman is the worst excuse for a GM ever.

As long as Taman is around we are not going to make any progress, he even said we have holes to fill in every position (his words) HELP US!!

You can't sign everyone, all teams lose valuable players. As far as QB goes Glenn has been improving every year and who knows, he could be a star this year. It's not like there are all these great CFL QBs out there unsigned that we could just pick up.

Let's just stop this, it sounds like Winnipeg media blather and I have been sick of it since the seventies. I remember the Blue's first cup win with Cal and Mike and the entire year all we heard all season that they should be turfed. Get behind what seems to be a pretty good team!

Abou was a good guard, but we are deep at guard, we needed a NI at tackle and we got that in Gauthier, our oline is the best it has been in years, you cant argue with that.

Samuels and Evans or Bush and Bean, flip a coin, we have also added Moss the secondary is just fine.

We also signed a couple of I receivers, one is a monster at 6 4, 220 and the other a burner with 4.3 speed.

Yes we still need a capable back up qb and an outside lb or 2 but hey, camp is still months away. Dont be too quick to judge until you see the final product.

Sap shot this is what I have been saying for sometime. As fan from another team I am not trying to stir the pot here. I just do like to see a good franchise as the bombers run by a chimp (chump). The guy is like teflon he lets good players go and adds one that will make the fans forget. Remember Simon, Taman said he was not worth being a franchise player so Simon moves on. Now he is dismantling the team once again. I do not know about you guys but I thought the Bomber defense out played the offense. So if he was purging some slary here do you not hink he should have gone where the team may be weakest on offense. Why dismantle your strength?

...have to disagree with you my son on Simon....he went to the nfl Kansas City Chiefs after his initial start in the CFL with the Bombers.....Lions signed him on his return ...but he really wanted to return to the they had a trade already worked out between the leos and the Peg but the deal was nixed at the last moment by the Lions...Simons intention was to return to the Bombers and said he always regretted leaving the team.....can't win em all...and that's hardly Tamans fault... :wink: The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are going to be a very strong team in 07....and you'll have to credit Taman with a lot of the work.... :wink: :thup:

Well dear old dad just maybe Simon could have walked to the Bomber camp before he headed to the BC Lions. Just maybe Taman did not want him all that much. If Simon wanted to be a bomber he could have jst went straight to Taman and ask for a contract. So again Taman was falling of the tail gate of his tricycle.

Man, you can tell we are in the dog days of the offseason, if all the disgruntled fans can come up with is to moan about a transaction that happened years ago.

Give it up; you have a good team in the making here, let's see what TC produces.

Frankly I see a good future here.

Majack you have to quit using bowling balls as crystal balls. :lol: have to forgive he has never got over the fact Taman has proved him wrong so many times that my son gets a little frustrated....he'll get over it when the Bombers are back in the Cup game....and no ....i wasn't gazing into bowling balls....that's another game...we use footballs..... 8) :lol:

Well actually papa redwhite may have a point. I am, after all, the same fellow who last season at the beginning of the year predicted that Hamilton might give Montreal a run for first place in the east.

Shows how much my predictions are worth....................

and he re-signed derrick armstrong milt stegal, doug brown, robert bean, the M&M's, brought in green, and moss, and brought in alexander gauthier..... good NI tackle? how rare are those???? and im sure im forgetting some things.

at least davin bush wont be injured half the season..... he'll also force more turnovers then samules will. omar evans was the weak point in our secondary last year, bean is a huge upgrade over evans..... he will alo force much more turnovers. not to mention our deptch this season in the secopndary with moss fullbright and that other guy(cant remember his name) from hamilton. abou was easily replaced, he was asking for way to much.

however we do have no back up QB, and taman just wants to bring in more u college boys. but whatever, maybe he'll find a gem.... highly unlikely though. i for one am quite sick of taman doing this! and he better re-sign charlton, or ign butler or mitchel, cuz if he doesnt our linebackers are looking fairly weak. he also needs to bring in dante booker, warner is unhappy playing for us, plus he dies a third of the way through the season.

In terms of which team improved the most last season, you cant argue with the results. You cant remain static either, the Stamps did and it got them no further along last season.

Been off for some time. Seems like I never left. Taman bashing still going. This salary cap is for real and Omar was a victim. It's only early March. We'll be good.

Where do I go from here? You guys seem to love a guy that gets rid of god players and brings in cast offs. Dad, has been in his happy juice again and Madjack your predictions are like everyone else's so dod not keep kicking yourself. The players piggy mentions are what on the team because just maybe Taman can not find better. I predict this year through my bowling ball, that roberts and Stegal will be the offense again same old story same results. The defense will be about the same maybe weaker in the linebacking corps. The bombers finish first or second only because the other teams in their division are rebuilding no other reason. To get first they must get past Montreal who always seems the team to beat. But other then that same old Taman story. :lol:

This year will be different in the East!!! I am still a Bomber Fan and Alway's Will Be, i am alway's going to be uneasy and insecure about the BB'S as long as "waterboy" Taman is around. As for Montreal being the team to beat, i don't think so this year, they are on a decline and the slope is steep, especially with an aging Cavillo leading the team. Toronto has some holes to fill, but simply they will still be a strong team in the East, they want to play a GC on there own turf. Hamilton is much improved on paper, but then again i said that last year, but i will say that they will be stronger this year and may surprise anyone.

Red, the east isn't much weaker than the West, Edmonton has shown they can actually suck, and look to be "Re-Building" as you put it. Saskatchewan doesn't look any better than last year, maybe even a last place team if Joseph goes down and BC is just as strong as last year, and they are the champs. As for Calgary, i didn't see anything positive in the off-season from the Stamps yet, the D is still weak and Burris is not much of a better starter than Glenn is, and has shown that he can be very inconsistant, one bad year for HANK and it's to the basement the Stamps go. One of the best Recieving group in the league, i won't argue that, but every other team seems to have a pretty good looking recieving Group this year.

The West will be tighter this year as will the East, it is any teams year and the BB'S and the Stamps seem to be pretty evenly matched. So judging by your prediction, sounds like you think the West is a tougher conference, if that is the case, than you have to admit that the Stamps could finish last this year.

You make some good points Blue & Gold. In fact, I expect Winnipeg to make a good run at Montreal and Toronto. But if I'm a Bomber fan, I would want more than just a good run. I would be on Taman to get those players to push us over the top.

Taman has had some good players slip by, but that is history now. Like a few posters hear, an upgrade in QB may be one of a few areas that can push the Bombers over the top. After Stegal and ARmstrong, the receiving core thins out, unless Brazell can find his early career form.

As for the West, I beleive Saskatchewan and Edmonton will battle for the last playoff spot, and Calgary and BC will battle for top place. I think this will be a make or break year for Burris under OC George Cortez. If Burris can't rise to the challenge of his good receiving corps and an OC like Cortez then nothing else will "Elevate" him to greatness!

BC was far and away the class of the league last season. There is no reason to think they wont be as good this year. I think the Riders could be a surprise in the west, I also think the Stamps and Esks will battle it out for last.

The East will be a repeat of last year with Mon, Tor and Wpg jumbled up for the top 3, Hammer is going to have another tough season, although they are on the right track.

I don't see why Bomber fans are so down on Taman this year. The salary management system is in place, so every team is in the same boat and has to cut talent. That's the reality of a cap world. The only position he hasn't conclusively strengthened is backup QB, but that is quite an assignment. Backup QBs are a crap shoot anyway.

Other than that, he's bolstered the receiving corps, stocked the secondary with a nice mix of veterans and youngsters, gotten the O-linemen you needed, and left the strength of the D -- linebackers and D-line -- alone. What more do you want?

as long as we got Stegall Roberts Simpson and Hebert, everyone else is just a bonus :slight_smile: