More proof how bad macbeth became this yr

from 3downnation

"McLeod Bethel-Thompson regressed as the 2021 season went on, tossing three touchdowns and nine interceptions over his final five regular season starts."

yet coach dimwitted says macbeth has his confid. to start 2022 as 1st string QB
oy vey

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I thought the play calling was questionable for a lot of the season. Never established a running game and kept throwing the wide out patterns. Far from the offense of the previous year with Derel Walker and Rodney Smith.

Toronto is right back to being a mess again. Look forward to seeing what Pinball does.

Macbeth is super motivated to perform when there's another gunslinger under contract on the verge of taking his job. If Dinwiddie hasn't figured this out yet then send him an email with a detailed ruse involving free agent McGuire (that's our guy) who, for purely motivational purposes is to be signed as Toronto's next starting quarterback ahead of Thompson. This cheap as borsht trick will light a fire under Macbeth as it did last year when Arbuckle joined the roster and before anyone's the wiser... you'll have a world-beater under centre to start 2022 just like you had in 2021. Easy peasy.

You're wecome Ivan. :smiley: :+1:

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not to mention that coach dim witted lost count of time.downs left in game and if not for a very badGC FG kicker would have lost - how do u not over use walker ??? send him deep of fly / post patterns all game and stretch the def that will sure help middle passes - east final horribl play calling by dim witted w/ argos inside ticat 5 yd line twice FG TWICE FROM 3 INSTEAD 2xTD's - argos more that likely win game if u increase their lead by 4 if not 8 pts -- dim witted is just NOT head coach material like macbet isnt starting QB material

Will be surprised if MBT is re-signed prior to free agency and wondering if he is still the man. Not sure the Ryan Dinwiddie offense is built around his strengths.

Believe he was a relative bargain last year as well and would be a good fit in BC if things don't work out with Reilly.

I believe the Argos have to make a play for Masotti and failing that, plan B maybe try and sign both MBT and Trevor Harris to a base salaries plus time played. They could do worse. Don't see anybody else with CFL experience out there available. Can't see Winnipeg letting Collaros get away. The good old days are gone where they could sign a hot shot All American and get us all excited. MLSE can sign a Soccer player for 45 million but aren't allowed to spend more than a few hundred thousand on a football QB.

That will all change once the CFL lands a multi-billion dollar network contract.

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Oh you laugh NOW.

(and probably later too) :grin:

Well there it is. The drama is over, MBT has been re-signed.
Which means Masoli probably ends up in Ottawa and Harris maybe goes to BC to help out Rourke.
Would now like to see a good young QB for the future signed. McDonald didn't show much in his showing in the season finale.

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it just shows how dumb dimwitted really is and lets not for how dumb pinball is
3 yard pass on 2nd and 7

Well at least you now know what Argo management is going to try do next... (hint: it has to do with massive upgrades at key positions that DON'T include the quarterback position).

Obviously their free agent waterboy will be the next big signing. You heard it here first.

They have made an offer to Hamilton rush end Davis. That would be a key signing if they can pull it off.


I dunno... I would not call it regression per se...
Toronto won 3 of those 5 games (and the Elks loss does not really count since they took it easy)

The only loss of importance was the East Final against Hamilton
So yeah he did not make it over the hump but it really was a defensive battle for first half as neither team was scoring much

And they DID win the East which was quite a significant achievement


I put a lot of MBT's 2021 struggles on Dinwiddie although I can't explain or understand the 1 - 17 on long balls. Missing Derel Walker came to mind after they were so good in 2019.

I'll plug S.J. Green one more time as well as a QB's best friend and assume he is a HOF lock at some point down the road. Gittens is the future now.

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I see Montreal released QB Matt Shiltz to sign former RedBlack QB Davis. I was kind of impressed with Shiltz in his play last year replacing the injured Vern Adams. He could be worth bringing in, knows the League and the CFL game now. Sometime it takes a QB 3 years or so to be ready for prime time. I believe Danny McManus was a backup for 5 years before he became a starter. Was worth the wait.


i woul much rather see pipkin as QB - youg n good legs - argos made a big mistake in trading away arbuckle n now re-signing macbeth - we wont see a GC while he is QB --- remeber how argos had fajardo ? n now macbeth . what a loss

I have my reservations about MBT as well. Doesn't make quick decisions, doesn't always throw an accurate deep ball, couldn't punch the ball in from the red zone (especially in the East Final). The Argos won some games in spite of him, not because of him.

That said, with Andrew Harris in tow, if MBT can stop throwing stupid INTs and can learn to manage his emotions and not get too low after mistakes, Toronto has enough talent around him to still win games.

There is also the chance that MBT could continue to grow and improve as he has more time as a starter, but given his age, I am not so sure about that...

Macbeth seems like a great guy and the ultimate teammate and I wish him and the Argos great success in 2022, I just don't think he is a top QB in the CFL.

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History seems to be repeating it self in 2022. But The Coach is starting to make some statements that could mean we may finally see Kelly get some game action. Every other team that hasn't got Rourke or Collaros as QB has played their back ups. Most I would rate ahead of MBT. Hopefully when and if Kelly comes in he isn't allowed to call a play that is a run around the end. I think the element of surprise has been used on that play. But Dinwiddie finally saying "we got to make those plays" talking about MBT over throwing and under throwing the deep passes. That's one thing that MBT is consistent at. What I would do next game is on a 3rd and short near mid field, is bring Kelly in for the QB sneak and then leave him in for the next set of downs. Let him get his feet wet. O'Shea used to do that with Streveler with a lot with success. Then increase the playing time against Ottawa. If McCloud gets upset and throws a scene so be it. It's pro football where hurt feelings don't count. IMO MBT would make a great backup QB and mentor at this stage of the game. Most times those changes have to be decided for a player, maybe every time. Dinwiddie has to take charge of this situation before he loses the team. Players always know who should be playing more than anybody.

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IMO macbeth would make for a good 3rd string QB holding the clipboard

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