More Problems At Tim Horton's Dump

Was this place poorly built intentionally so that it would match the rest of Hamilton? Not even two years old and the little bandbox is already falling apart.

[b]Speaker falls 30 metres at Tim Hortons Field[/b]

The city is removing the speakers lining Tim Hortons Field after one of them fell more than 30 metres to the ground.

Reports say inspection of the speakers around the stadium found them to be faulty.

Scott Mitchell, CEO of the Ticats, confirmed that a speaker had fallen. He referred other questions to the city.

Mitchell says that “there will be sound, absolutely,? for next Friday’s pre-season home game against the Ottawa Redblacks, “and the goal is that the fans wouldn’t notice any difference. We’ll have to see exactly what the situation is.

“It’s a city facility and we will defer to the city to make sure everything’s being taken care of.?

Mitchell said that the Tiger-Cats have continually been sinking money into the stadium — including remedying some sound system shortcomings — in order to make the game-day experience more viable and pleasant as the various parties involved argue about who will pay for the hundreds of deficiencies in the stadium construction.

“The reality is that we’ve spent millions of dollars to continue to address the deficiencies that, quite frankly, the average fan doesn’t see, because of the investment we continue to make,? Mitchell said after Wednesday’s Tiger-Cat practice at McMaster’s Ron Joyce Stadium.

“We’ve augmented and mitigated some of the concerns around the audio system the past couple of years: things like the LED board. And there are various things we’ve had to invest in while the city deals with the issues with Infrastructure Ontario and contractor Ontario Sports Solutions.

“Our commitment to the fans is to have this incredible experience that we consider to be the best in North America and in order for us to deliver that through this process it’s a major, major investment and this is another example of that as we continue to move forward.

“If there’s issues with the audio visual system, which there are obviously are, we’ll invest against that in order to make sure that the fan experience is exceptional.

We’ll have to see what’s impacted exactly, but what we can say for sure is that if it is impacted we’ll continue to invest and mitigate the deficiencies.

“The goal would be that the fans wouldn’t notice. But we can tell you that there are a lot of things that the fans haven’t noticed that have cost us millions of dollars to address.?

I'm sure they'll fix it and all will be fine!

This is what happens when you destroy unions and the only people willing to work in the trades are crackheads and people who can't speak English.
I have seen some extremely negligent construction around Vancouver with the latest criminal money laundering real estate boom.
A word to the wise.. Do not buy concrete real estate in the Vancouver area. We are talking g third world construction practices here.
Whether it's not spending the money on accelerants in concrete, and yet still stripping the form the very next morning(causes concrete to only cure to 50% of its potential strength)
Or out right negligence from new Canadians who are used to lower standards ( watching a Latin American company drill dowels 100mm into a building instead of the 800 they were suppose to to connect two suspended walls, and then out right lying to the engineer's face when questioned about it)
There is a similar money laundering boom happening in the GTA, so I'm sure things arnt that much different.

We like our stadium.

You're an angry person, Area-51. Between this and the coach thread you started, I don't think you've gone a couple of sentences without an insult. Take a deep breath! :smiley:


Check your facts, Boyo.

The majority of work - - other than some electrical - - was all done by unionized trades.

What happened at THF is a bit concerning... absolutely no need for the thread title though. Show a little class once in a while Area51. I know it's hard for you, but give it a try.

sounds like most of what they are doing (from this article) is pretty normal tweeking in a new facility…just a matter of who should pay for it. It “works” just not to the level they see as ideal…lots of grey water there.

The speaker thing is concerning, BUT:

“Reports say inspection of the speakers around the stadium found them to be faulty”

Was this inspection before or after the incident. If it was before, then I don’t see this as a big deal. If it was after then it raises some concerns…there should definitely be a checklist of items to be inspected on certain intervals, and I would think that suspended infrastructure such as lighting and speakers should be done every spring. Was this how it was caught and identified that there were issues and they simply had not moved further with a plan yet, or was it reactive.

Big difference in how one views the situation.

THF is a great stadium, I don't know what your problem is Area 51, but I wish we had that stadium over BMO field..

It has great sight lines, the patio lounges and everything about it is awesome. A speaker falling down is not really a big deal...

Not to mention, they added this for the fan experience

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Is BMO still a pile of crap? I thought they fixed it..
Like is BMO better than Lansdowne? Or is it better than McMahon atleast

^Come see for yourself!

I’ve been to BC Place, McMahon,Commonwealth,Mosaic,CanadaInns,IGF,and Sky Dump…
IGF had some really crappy workmanship. The. Concrete was cracked everywhere and they even messed up the broom finish in many places. It was really disappointing that they could slap McMahon up in 90 days for a million bucks sixty years ago and its in better shape than a stadium that cost 10 times as much(after adjusted for inflation) and took 5 times as long to build.

My new nickname for Area 51, other than jerk, is Runt of the Litter. You know, because he's the non-talented one in his family. HAHA - ROTL!

You bring it on yourself.

A 150 pound speaker falling down on to the East stands is no big deal when the stadium is empty :oops: :oops:

As for BMO, the sight lines are every bit as good as THF or TD Place. No BMO won't have the patio lounges or private suites that the other stadiums have but the average fan wouldn't be in them anyway.
The banquet bar is nice and Ottawa has the new Beaver lodge at one end of the stadium. I think BMO is going to have a patio behind the north end zone but it won't be ready for the first few games.
BMO doesn't have that walkway with concessions facing the field between the upper and lower decks either.
But BMO does have the roof over the fans and it's in an area with bars and restaurants.

It's not a big deal only because the timing was fortunate. Had it fallen on game day, it would have been a very big deal. An object that size falling that distance isn't going to be something you walk away from.

Is that you, Donald?

BMO has tons of suites. More than any stadium in the East.