More practice pics

More pics from todays practice

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I hope this was so much easier posting the pics here

Was Watkins back at practice? Are Cahoon Sanchez and Ferri back on the field?

I didn't see Watkins or Sanchez but they may have been there
Cahoon spent some time on the field
Ferri was on the sidelines but the ankle did not seem to bad

Thanks for the pictures.

Watkins does not seem to be there; furthermore, Hawkins-number 0- was practising with 1st team offense.

Ferri is most probably out for Friday's game; hence, Leon Joe -import LB- has been added today -CFL transactions- to 46 players active list.


Was Hawkins returning any kicks? Someone told me he’s an awesome special teams player, and with God blessed speed like his, I believe it.

CJAD announced today that Ferri has been scratched for Friday.

I do believe that Hawkins did return a kick or 2. Mind you, most of the practice kicks, Duval didn't actually kick the ball. He went through the motions and the 2 lines ran at each other :?

I was just looking at the pics again. Sanchez was on the field

Should be an interesting game tomorrow, with Ferri and Deslauriers out, Cahoon on the gimp, and Watkins having missed the entire week of practice.

Well even without Ferri I am reasonably confident that our D can take care of that excuse for an offence that Toronto has. . . now if only we can get some decent red zone production. . .

I expect a low scoring game.

Excited to see Hawkins get an opportunity.

Toronto is a QB and a couple receivers away from being a competitive football team. As some of the NFL option year guys come back they could surprise.

You csannot find a QB quickly as the Don found last year in To, they are in the same position, getting one of their backups to be the one, will take 2 to 3 games minimum, so no they will not be a factor until the second half at best.

CJAD just announced that Watkins will be playing tomorrow

KJ could be the guy as odd as it sounds he is having his best year yardage wise, Andrus I believe is forcing him to think pass first and if he can cut down on the interceptions, Andrus will start adding roll outs and other things.

KJ is not the guy, average at best. He can have a great perfmonace once in a while but it’s more fluke than anything else IMO.
His GC he more a running back than a QB.