MORE pictures of our newest TICATS fan!

Here are some more pictures of my little guy. He was born 13 weeks early so he's had some tough times. He's been a good fighter so far. Here's hoping that the Ticats faithful have enough luck/prayers in them to help little Cameron keep kicking some butt and continue to become healthy. Come home to us soon little buddy!

Remember... Being a Ticats fan is much more than just about football.


Cameron loves the Tiger-Cats already!

Grandma and Grandpa Wallace (my parents) bought him a Ticats mini helmet and a personalized jersey, Daddy I(me) bought him his first CFL football (as if there are any other kind) and on his incubator he's got a Ticats fleece blanket covering him. He was BORN into the Ticats family! LOL

Oskee Wee Wee!!

I see the soft hands of a sure handed pass catcher!! :slight_smile:

An Argo-Cat fan

Yes, look at the way he's gripping that Teddy! No dropped passes or fumbles here!

I don't know, to me he looks more like an administrator of sorts, football wise of course, with that hmmmmmmmm pondering thinking about potential trades with that look on his face.

Rusty, in case you haven't thought of this already....

Keep these threads, print them out, and when Cameron is older, you can show him what we were all saying about him...

Might make a cool 10th birthday present or something......

That's a really good idea! Thank you.

Great pictures Rusty, warmed my heart.

What an angel. Good to see you are raising him right :wink:

you did good

Most adorable hi-five EVER!! Come home soon, baby Cameron.

Number 1?

Oh, oh, Writing's on the wall for Casey.

I remember the first game I went to. I was like 5-6 years old and we were allowed to go on the field before the game. I have a few pictures with some of the old Ticats. Do they still do that? It would be nice to get his #1 jersey signed by Printers.

I'll make sure to raise him right. I'll explain to him at a very early age that the Argos Suck.