More Pics of Cameron

I'm sorry if you're sick of seeing pictures of Cameron... but c'mon... he might be our future star one day! LOL

Keep them coming Rusty, we'll never get tired.

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OMG what a sweetheart.

Careful, keep posting and sooner or later someone will ask where’s his Williams or Chang jersey. :wink:

Adorable little dude!

Very cute indeed! I like the second one best.

At Thursdays game we saw a family all wearing Ti-Cats jerseys. They had the names 'Daddy', 'Mommy', and 'Baby' on the back. We thought it was a pretty cool idea. Cute pics by the way....of the baby.

Very cute!

Start them young! :slight_smile: I became a Ti-Cat fan when I was about 8. A friend that went to my school was a Cat fan (I grew up in Stratford ON not BC) and got me into them.

get him some season tickets as soon as possible too!

i have been going to games since i was 3 and have had season tickets every season since i was 5. I am now turning 15 and i am already a die hard fan.

my little brother is only 2 1/2 and we already got him watching games on tv.

:thup: :rockin:

I can't buy him season tickets, although, I'd like to. I don't live in Hamilton. I live in Petawawa. We are relegated to watching games on TV.

Cute pics Rusty :>)))) but the real test will be whether or not the first words/gurgles are a variation of "Argos Slurp". Mommy & daddy are just so bland comparatively. Hopefully he will hear a few renditions of it on Labour Day if you and the family will be there. Revival of the chant will help make the game worth going to plus the fact we have a legitimate chance at beating them rather than just a hope as in the past.
have a great day