More on Williams

Good piece by Scott Radley om Richie Williams on the news page here on the website.
Lets hope Marcel Desjardins recognizes his potential and uses Williams as a step towards developing QB talent within the team.

I agree that Williams should be kept and developed as #3. But I say Eakin is done in Hamilton. I'd like to see Beutjer come back and compete for #2.

If no team out there wanted Beutjer as even a 3rd stringer, why would we?

He has gone the way of the David Corley.

Corley is walking the sidelines in Calgary

Of course Williams is good, look at the number he wears. :stuck_out_tongue:

Beutjer had to take a year off because of an injury. Don't be surprised to see him back in Hamilton competing at camp in 2007.