More of the "live mic" nonsense to come!

Have to confess - I really don’t understand the majority of the stuff said over the “live mic” except for the sniping on the field. I don’t understand the play schemes well enough to know the plays being called. I really don’t understand the “10% ratings bump” as I would have thought the people who know the game well enough to pick up on the mic’ed calls would already be watching, and the casual fans would not truly appreciate the added audio? My bad, I guess?

Count me in, I love hearing what the players are hearing on the field.

Doesn’t bother me, I can take it or leave it.

Every team has a different version to call trips, quads, inside and outside zone and pass pro. Interesting when Jason Moss looses his …

Anything to avoid having to listen to Suitor is good with me!

I do think it actually helps keep broadcast focused on the play. TSN has always seemed to follow the US / NFL model with all the additional time between plays. It’s the same with the replays - showing the TSN Logo before the replay doesn’t leave enough time before the next play.

The live mic games are ok in my book, but I would love to see more innovation and some fresh blood in the booths.

I strongly agree with your indifference. I am passionately ambivalent.

More live mic equals less Rod Black!

That’s a positive to all

I positively can sorta get fully behind this position, more or less, maybe. Depending.

I wonder if June Jones took his “Hockey Beta” play with him? ;D

The easy solution to this is to start the call of every play with an F-bomb.

Every. Single. Play…