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Parlez vous Québécois? Tiger-Town expands into Quebec. News at 10. (AM) #Ticats

Ticats playing a game (or more) at Laval next year?

Makes perfect sense. Showcase the league and get some decent gate revenue during construction.

Just saw this thread. My alternate guess is that it is about Giguere. Any takers?

That's another good theory!

Probably games in 2013, no?

...which is next year. Y'know, assuming the Mayans were wrong and there actually will be a next year.

They were wrong, they didn't factor in leap years.... :lol:

Sam's WAY too good for the CFL anyway, he's Terrell Owens in his mind. :thdn:

Must be about the Ticats playing some games in Quebec City. Will be fun to see how this is marketed and if QC fans will “temporarily adopt” the Ticats playing against Montrea (my guess). This should be a lot of fun.

Actually now that I think about it, if the announcement is about playing at Laval, that's something you can announce any time, so why announce it in the middle of all the jersey rollout & draft news? The league probably wouldn't want them doing that today.
But if they've just signed Giguere then for sure you would announce it when it happens. Especially since it would impact how they draft tomorrow.

I don't see how the Ticats "expanding into Quebec" could be about about Giguere.

Maybe we are going to show off our new "Canadian legend" and "finest warrior - Gigeure. He played at Laval and it might make sense to play a home game there in 2013 especially if it's against Montreal. Guaranteed big crowd.

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I know all about Giguere, I just don't think that what Bob said has anything to do with him.

I would love to be wrong though.

I think Sam was a U of Sherbrooke green and gold alumnus.

Its Official!

Wow!!!! We have indeed signed Sam Giguere! Awesome News!!

Clearly I am not very good at deciphering hidden messages.

jordan, remember Bob is in the publishing business and comes across many different authors with all sorts of artistic flair so his vocabulary and use of it I'm sure has expanded artistically exponentially throughout the years without a doubt. :wink:

Eg. Bob quoting Marshall McLuhan.

Canada’s e-book moguls versus literary London

Young began his argument by evoking the most famous slogan of another Canadian innovator, Marshall McLuhan. “Every time humanity develops a new medium, everything changes,? he said, occasionally pausing to tweak his bright orange ball cap. “It takes a new generation of humans to understand it.?

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