More Naughty CFL cheerleaders!

:thup: Sunday Sun July 20th pg 8!

Cheerleading coach quits over saucy pixs: Blue Lightening Cheerleaders Winnipeg "can't go wrong when your wearing a thong" mooning camera on Parliament hill! 8) :rockin:

Check the Toronto Sun home page, they have them all in a slide show. :smiley:

Hey at least our Cheerleaders went bigtime on Stern when our team was that bad!

I looked can't find them!

Pics avail here.

Sorry Cats99, they were on the site last night. I came across them checking the sports at half time of last nights game. Well astrolab came through for you.


I'm actually pretty pissed off that somebody got fired for this. These pictures aren't THAT bad to begin with. They were private, it was an accident they got released.

I'm not a feminist, but it seems people freak out over an expression of female sexuality. Get over it, they were just goofing around and having fun.

its conduct unbecoming of a professional team cheerleader, unless you are doing Debbie Does Dallas movie

"Professional Team Cheerleader", never saw that one listed in the career books in the guidance counselors office! Must have been an elective....

I'd hardly compare those pictures to Debbie Does Dallas. And it's not like our team's cheerleader incident, in that this was an accident that the photos got released. They are basically standard Facebook type pictures, "girls goofing around" pictures. An apology from those involved and a suspension would have been appropriate, given the public humiliation they are getting. I think most of us have done something worse than this in life. Judge not, lest...

Why the referrence to facebook, as if its the bible of acceptability.

Does anyone in todays younger generations believe in proper religious morality anymore???

Facebook is known for, the less "age advanced people", posting pictures of themselves drinking, partying, messing around. These pictures remind me of what you'll see on the Facebook profiles of the 'youngins that are in college, university, med school and other professional schools. Unprofessional? Yes. But that's why I reference facebook, because it reminds me of standard facebook pictures.

Who did these pictures "hurt" for them to be unacceptable? The only issue I would have with them is that they were wearing their uniforms in some of them. That hurts the Winnipeg football organization, but only very slightly. It actually helps them in a lot of ways, if you take 2 seconds to think about it. :stuck_out_tongue: (Young men buying tickets...) Had they not had their uniforms on in some of them, this would be absolutely nobody's business in my opinion. Even seeing that they do, this was an accidental release of the pictures, so lets all just get over it, no REAL harm done to anyone but the cheerleaders themselves...

in other words, facebook is just one step before girls gone wild??

I dont have major problem with this, just that I dont approve and I understand from the teams perspective how they might disapprove, and even want to take punitive action, and be justified in doing so.

What can I say, the female form is beautiful. In Edmonton I try not to look too closely because the chear team is so ummm... unmature. They tumble and jump and cheer. :oops: ok from a far ways away.

Please stop bringing your obsession with your religion into threads.

please stop bringing your heathenistic hatred of religion into threads.

Thousands upon thousands of posts in these forums. Yet you are the only one who harps on about religion.
Then in your own narrow minded way, you make foolish and wrong statements about my religious beliefs.
Your hypocrisy is incredible.

Haha, I don't know actually, I'll have to take your word for it, I've never watched girls gone wild myself! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, and I agree the team can take punitive action, but I think it should be measured to how small of an infraction this really was at the end of the day.

I mention religious morality as it is relavent to this topic. You are the one doing the "harping" and trying to make something out of it. Why are you so afraid of the very mention of religion???

and I defy you to find more than 2 other threads that I have even mentioned religion, at least in the last yr.