Speaking of media scum, anyone in the Toronto area who get's the Toronto Star(the #1 selling in the country) and which prides itself as truly Canadian, today clearly one week before the start of the NFL season went overboard with a two page spread on the season on pages 6 and 7. There will be more crap like this all next week no doubt.

Yes we get the same in our papers I just use it for toilet paper! Do not even read it! I did however wathc most of the Arizona college game last night well at least three quarters score 13 to 13! Yup got bored at that point and went to sleep! :lol:
But emailing these guys regularly does send the message. But these writers are so arrogant about he NFL they will keep writing not thinking it hurts the sports in Toronto.
They will tell you that they are giving the coverage to appease all fans. This may be true but their biase is unquestionably unCanadian! Heck I will go out on a limb here and we will trade one of these guys for Kanga!

The Toronto Star has officially adopted the Toronto Craptors as their number one team to follow.
A few years back I played flag football with the brother of one of the Editors for the Star. This guy was a big time CFL guy and tried to convince the powers to be to give proper coverage and justice to the CFL and Argos. To no avail and the reason being the upper management and the publisher were big NFL fans?

The only answer then is do not buy their toilet paper! Suggest this to every other fan that is a CFL fan. You take a few thousand people that do not buy their papers and they will then feel the back lash! Remember Marty not so bright at predicting reports! I am sure many fans got him removed!

I'd boycott it, NOW!!! who in their right mind compairs the Toronto/Hamilton LDC to an NFL pratice? that's the biggest load of ********************!!! I've ever heard, that guy should be fired, or never make a comment on the CFL again, or, ever better, be deported to New York since he seems to like it so much.

Sorry, folks, but I have to STRONGLY DISAGREE with the title of this thread. Bill Harris would have to be much smarter than he is to qualify as a moron.

who cares about Bill harris. He was the former beat reporter for the raptors day-to-day BS, and he got fired from that moved to the entertainment department, bill harris is 100% garbage, his articles were horrible and lacked and displayed that he had no basketball background and undrstood the game.

Bill Harris is a fat midget and a wannabe jock who always got picked last to play on sports teams.

Anyways why dedicate a thread to the national enquirer paper of canada and an ex-sports reporter turned entertainment tool?

The Toronto Media wants a shorter 10 game schedule similar to NFL Europe. They do not want the 18 game schedule of the United States Football League or the 20 game schedule of the World Football League. The USFL and WFL are also extinct leagues. They want the CFL that ends with a championship at the end of August.

They feel that the CFL is a filler between the NHL season. The NHL which has a zero U.S. television dollar contract on NBC and will return on the second tier network which will be called "VERSUS" for the 2006-2007 season.

The Toronto Media thinks hockey is a big four professional league. The United States Media thinks that the big three pro sports league are the NFL, MLB and the NBA. The U.S. media has no time for irrelevant hockey and it is not on their radar screen.

The Toronto Media thinks the Toronto Raptors should in the NBA and the Toronto Blue Jays should be in Major League Baseball. I am guessing the American television executives and advertisers have two major wishes.The two wishes are that Toronto should not be in the NBA or MLB. Toronto should not get a NFL franchise because do not want an irrelevant city such as Toronto because Toronto loses a large amount of U.S. television money for the NFL and for television executives and advertisers.

The Toronto Media will never mention the negative impact Toronto teams have on the U.S. television ratings and revenues.

The CFL has to do a better job in presenting their product to the public.

actually the American media only cares about these sports in this order:

2.NCAA Football
4.NCAA Basketball

nothing else counts, so stop arguing about the cfl, nhl, and any other of your western canadian farmer boy BS.

golf and poker are not even sports.

The lack of empathy and profesionalism in the Toronto media is one of the reason it will never host an Olympic or F1 Grand Prix or any other international event like other Canadian cities have or will.

I agree they hurt the image of sports organizations in the city and gives the city a Wannabe image. These reporters give the impression that all the city of Toronto can do is envy others and has no ability to build anything great of their own.

go tell that espn/abc/cbs who get bigtime ratings for the masters, the world series of poker, etc. Get your head outta that canadian gutter and realize htatthe world has passed you by, also the cfl is lacknig in the information age, the clf has yet to create their own television network and get access on satellite dishes.

toronto will never host big time top-of-the-line events, because there are too many evil politicians who screw up everything and ruin the fun, remember mel lastman making racial remarks about africans before the olympic bid for Toronto, then the politicians made a big fuss about the new soccer stadium downtown, and said it was built for the kids, well in reality kids aint gonna be playing soccer at that new stadium, it was made for those corporate big shots.

television networks do not get to decide what is and is not a sport. They can choose to show tiddly winks if they want to, but it doesnt make it a sport. Your canadian gutter and world passing you by comments are totally irrelevant and pointless. CFL had their own network in the late 80's. Didnt work out, not enough teamssponsership moneyetc.

What are you anyhow. I can guarantee that you are not a multi generation Canadian, over 30, living outside lower Ontario.

you are absolutely right, i aint a white-anglo saxon old fart living in the prairies.

you are not a first nations over 30 from BC or the Meritimes, whose family has been here for over 100 yrs either.

I have seen this for years.

Many people have to write then as I have always been writing.

Who gives a rats ass what the bloody Americans like? I mean in BAli they love camel races and lamba jumping. Whats your point. Like who gives a rats ass if the Americans don’t like hockey? We in CAnada don’t give a rats ass about baseball, the NFL, the NCAA and the NBA. We ain’t them. Get over it.

And about Bill Harris. The guy used to be a basketball writer. I used to write him and rag on him about how much basketball sucked. He always responded and called me names, but never argued the facts. His hating the cFL is probably out of jealousy because the CFL is more popular than the NBA. Be he’s nothing more that a twit.

Technically, since this is the same m.o. that posters like warner, Argo_Bills, and "Yankee" are accentuating, wouldn't that, in theory, make them nothing more than twits as well?