In today's edition of the Toronto Sun sports.
Page 22 on the "Four on Four" section where Sun writers offer their opinions on four sports topics.
The first topic being:
"The retooled Ticats meet the Argos tomorrow in the annual labour day grudge match.."

The three sports writers, Terry Koshan, Mike Koreen and Mike Ganter all had reasonable answers.

Well, then comes this tool who states the following:

"but who cares about the CFL when the final NFL pre-season practices are taking place just a short drive away in Buffalo? You heard it here first: J.P. Losman will lead the Bills to more than seven points a game this year."

This is typical CFL bashing here in Toronto that we have had to put up for years and frankly, I have previously posted how the Toronto Sun is famous for such zingers and in fact, we would never have an answer like this printed if the NFL was being bashed.
It's nice to know how only in Canada idiot journalists can bash real Canadiana and very few find offense to it.


Quit buying the Sun!

Here's an e-mail address:

well, I am looking on and I cant find anything to verify this. Not saying it aint so, just that without an online link, I cant comment on it, or complaing to them, etc. sigh

At least maybe someone could scan and post???

It's not on line as I tried to retrieve it for posting. Finally had to do it manually as it is only in the printed version which I subscribe to but I am now reviewing whether to continue.

I think somebody should deck both Harris and the editor that allowed his statement to be printed.

And they should have buffalo manure delivered to their front doors. :twisted:

I just e-mailed the Sun and although I am not holding my breath, I requested a retraction and an apology.

Thankfully, I haven't yet seen any sh!t like that in either Vancouver paper.

The biggest thing that hurts the sports teams in Toronto is their media. From the Maple Leafs to the Raptors these guys are negative in every way. It is well known a lot of them do not like the CFL. Fans in the centre of Canada should beat them down at their own game write into these papers and complain about their Canadian content and that these individual sports writers are what they are jackA$$'s. Enough writing just might get them to do something. To bad it must be hard on the Argo fans and the organization when you have dipheads like this doing the sports.

If you want the Toronto Media to like the CFL, then reduce the number of teams that make the playoffs from 6 to 2. You have change the schedule from 18 to 14 games.
You have play the Grey Cup game at end of August because it interferes with the NFL season. In 2006 the CFL finally televises all the games for the first time. Television begins in Canada in 1952. Television is most important thing for the Toronto Media. The Toronto Media has no time for a gate driven league.

Ha ha (see McMahon for those dumb ideas!) Look 14 game schedule will never work these teams need to generate money. The XFL was a spring league and guess what it disappeared like the dinosaurs! The CFL has been in existance way before you were in diapers. The CFL only needs to change in one area marketing! If anything start the games in early May and end at the end of October.

i agree with starting the season earlier...

maybe start the season 2-3 weeks earlier?

Ladies and gentleman, as scary as this sounds, I think we've found KK's long lost twin.

Mongo this guy makes Kanga an expert if you know what I mean!

Now that's an even scarier thought than the one I proposed. :lol:

Yes it is scary to think someone might beat Kanga at this right!

Then Toronto media is low life assinine scum and we have no time for them. We will not make assinine changes to suit them. They can stick it you know where. Also, they should all get the heck out of Canada for being such american minded pieces of garbage.

Your right just maybe they are reporting on the wrong sport. They are NFL wanna bees! I get a kick out of them they are just class less and hurt their cities sports franchises. The sooner fans create a back lash at these clueless wonders the more damage they not only do to the CFL, NHL, etc but the teams they are to represent in their region. I suggest area fans should go after these boneheads and the papers they represent.

I just emailed them too

i emailed them asoon as this thread was made.