More Mcmahon discrepencies!

check the times on this

at 2:29 he said

[url=] ... ht=#175106[/url]

yet at 2:41 today he said

[url=] ... ht=#175122[/url]

First its signed then 12 minutes later it only an offer.
Even he cant keep track of his horse hockey

Damn McMahon he's getting more attention these days than I am lol :smiley:

Change your nick to McMahongirl. LMAO

Then again, t-shirts with targets on them are not yet available! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Hehe Nice. :smiley:

But game jerseys with targets on them are. 8)

a post about a poster?

Any sharks around?

Is this worth the electrons?

8) Don't worry borehamgirl, you're still # 1 with all us originals !!! Besides, McMahon could never bake up a bunch of cookies as good as you can !!! :thup: :wink:

McMahon's wearing "pasties" now? :o

:D I do love my fans. :wink:

Sig, I’m gonna kick you :lol:

LOL :o