More Mcmahon discrepancies!

check the times on this

at 2:29 he said

[url=] ... ht=#175106[/url]

yet at 2:41 today he said

[url=] ... ht=#175122[/url]

First its signed then 12 minutes later it only an offer.
Even he cant keep track of his horse hockey

Why isn’t this breaking news? I don’t get it… :wink:

And why hasn't it been cross-posted onto some of the individual team forums (including teams not involved by this news.. like the Ti-Cats forum) by McMoron himself? Oh wait, it probably has been. :snore:

sounds like a plan!

Unbelievable, but then again, I'll believe anything that Mac does at this point; I'll believe it's a big fat lie, bigger than the lies on a golf course.

My guess is he will come on with breaking news about who won the Grey Cup on the Monday after the game... :lol:

This years or last years?

Wha? You mean he won't come online the day before and announce the winner of the game as "it was pre-determined by the higher ups?" :roll:

lol... I would hope this year's, but it could be last year's...

Mongo, you are funny. I laughed until I peed.

The Posts are harmless....but he/she seems to have alot of biters on this forum, I think he/she's a great know we could have alot worse posters like Assargo come least he/she doesnt insult anyone, cut there city & or team down.

"Clean up in Aisle 3" :lol:

Agreed in that light. saskargo was one of the most famous trolls ever to inhabit these forums. And although McMoron has become very annoying with his constant flooding the site's bandwith with such assinine drivel, s/he/it could be a hell of a lot worse.

Sorry Dentor I dont agree at all
IMO for someone to "bite" they would have to believe. No-one here believes a word hes says. He only posts because he has a desperate need to feel important!

ro is right, he is an attention seeker. He thinks he is some how connected to the league.

....when, in reality, he is connected to a straight-jacket.....

mcmahon failed to report that the movie “40-year-old virgin” was based on his life, also the movie “snakes on a plane” refers to the animals living in the basement mcmahon lives in. McMahon is was last seen recording a rap album with robert baker and antonio warren.

Funny you should say that since when I think of meshing Hollywood cinema with McMoron, the first thing that comes to mind is "This one time, at Band Camp..."

ro1313, jm02, and the rest of the peanut gallery ...

Why do you care so much about McMahons posts? What are you trying to disprove? He could say he's Santa Claus - who gives a poop With the exception of a handfull of you's, everyone else has seemingly managed to ignore this user's messages ..

I have to question who the bigger fool is .. The troll, or the people that keep feeding it. McMahon must be laughing his @ss off, since he's got so many of you all hot and bothered with your panties in a bunch ...


I could ask you why you care so much about what we post!

Mostly because i'm embarassed for you. Some dimwitted kid has you all stressed out over his joke - I think thats quite amusing really. But truly, seeing 10 threads of you posting 'balony', and flexing your super-sleuth skillset in arranging the timeline in which this user posts messages that contain descrepencies ... well ... its pretty sad. pathetic is the word.

You do realize you are as much of the problem as this user eh?

Keep feeding the troll, see if it goes away ...