More local competition for Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Winnipeg getting a semi-pro WHL junior team next season with word the already Winnipeg-owned Kootenay Ice are set to move to Winnipeg.

How does that effect the Bombers?

Bombers will say they welcome the new team - but the sad reality is there’s only so much sports entertainment dollars to go round.

The WHL franchise will be building a unique complex around their WHL franchise - capacity of 4,000 or thereabouts.

With that - the city of barely 800,000 (really 480,000 if you subtract the indigent, the welfare rats, criminals, floozies, rubs, meth addicts, seniors over 90, super cheaps, etc.)

Winnipeg is a big Regina or Saskatoon - without the sticky green attitude btw.

New pro soccer team, too - this one housed by the Bombers and trying to give concessionaires a few more dates to market their wares. Wouldn’t expect the soccer to grab more than 1,000 to 1,200 a game - could be wrong - after the first couple outings draw 3,000 to 4,000 look-e-lous at cavernous IGF Stadium

WHL has 36 home games plus playoffs plus exhibitions - tickets aren’t 10 bucks like they used to. . . . now junior hockey is semi-pro - - - expect tix to go anywhere from $20 to $50 a bum, lots of boxes and special event tours to boot.

Jets play 42 home plus playoffs, AHL plays 40 + playoffs (more expensive than junior) plus MJHL hockey (50% family/friends + 50% look-e-lous), local university hockey, local bantam and major junior (mostly friends & families)

People’s pocketbooks only go so far - unless you’re a lazy cop making $125,000 with overtime or an overpaid city worker inhaling $95k to $120kand have your family visiting foodbanks to save money for sports tickets.

Its bound to hurt the Bombers. Not by much but every dollar, every fan counts. Maybe hurts them by 1 to 3% decline in season tickets - but moreso damages and already weak walk-up (mostly due to poor facility location and horrid parking arrangements)

In any event the Bombers are the only sports franchise in Winnipeg thats fully government subsidized so the damages aren’t killer cuz there’s always a buffer. Plus,bombers aren’t famous for their accurate financial accountability anyways!

BS I say.

I have never ever seen any crossover of real interest between a junior hockey team and a football team

Its a competition for the sports dollar. And Winnipeg not having a junior A hockey team for the last 35 years - that product will have a honeymoon entry into the market - so long as the richie rich who’s running it doesn’t screw up something fierce!!

He says $15 to $35 per ticket once the new 4,500 seat facility is built.

In the meantime - only 2000 seats at U of M Arena (after renovations) - so few seats will ramp up demand

I can see where Cranbrook could be an expensive travel nightmare. Population base of 20,000 probably sees 500 or less in the bleachers for games. Playoff games may pull in a crowd.

WHL is pretty well played hockey. Winnipeg should be in that league.

That said, if it is about hockey no issues. Once it becomes about generating revenue and making money it becomes just another tool to distract people while their pockets get picked clean.

Friends and family target market imo.

I hope it is not another tax payer funded building project for the arena.

Valour will shrivel and die at IGF. A field in Headingly would be a better location.

Valour won’t die first year. They’ve prolly socked enough start-up and ops money to slither thru the first year - even if crowds don’t support the product. No big TV money to prop up the team - just Wadzilla acting like King Farouk, telling his underling operation that money is tough to come by and Prince Pallister isn’t an easy lay-down vs. Old Demented Selinger.

WHL only taking 1400 seats at Wayne Fleming Arena (U of M) and so far 1300 are spoken for - another 500 to 600 seats are going to be under construction - don’t know why, those seats don’t have a chance of being filled after 2 years for Bison mens or women’s hockey (which sometimes average under 200 fans/game)

WHL will prolly take more promotional and media money from the AHL Moose (which are no doubt looking at moving to a market which can boost them past 3,000 bums/game, read boost as “subsidize”, perhaps Thunder Bay, perhaps Fargo, perhaps Regina, who knows?

Jets will feel little to zero impact from WHL ICE, perhaps even positive up-side in cross-over same sport, etc. Major impact will no doubt be the govt. subsidized bombers - especially if they take a step back vis a vis a major pratfall and Nichols slops all over himself, O’Shea stops being a loyalty-rewards ombudsman, etc.

Maybe this is where the Mexican / European connection works.

Can’t wait until they sign some aging has been to a 2.7 mil per yr deal and have to try and cover that one up. I see another learning curve ahead with this one.

If I were the Bomber’s Bank (aka Provincial Govt. of Manitoba) I’d have a transaction auditor parked at IGF Offices, maybe not daily but on a regular basis - evaluating and reporting financial committments/transactions that could be found irregular or draining.

Miller has a tendency to get away with whatever they let him get away with - this behavior has to be stopped or altered significantly. Some lemmings will ask WHY?

Miller is not playing with his own money or even Winnipeg Football Club operating funds and pretend TSN TV profits - - -

Its really the public trough, no ifs, ands or butts!!!

…Every sports venue has it’s niche market…I don’t see where a WHL team will affect the Bombers …Certainly there’s only so many dollars to go around but the shakers and movers of a new team entering any market have surveyed the financial capabilities and have found it to be fertile …They wouldn’t even consider coming to Winnipeg if they didn’t think they would be successful…Jets have their fan base they can count on…Bombers likewise and the other leagues the same…Winnipeg has always been a great sports town and it was proven out when the Jets folded and moved… The good people of Winnipeg said…hey we were dealt a bad hand by a bad owner and fought like hell and got their team back…Didn’t see that it in Quebec when the Nordiques fled…The support will be there and the owners of these franchises know it…I’d like to see more success at the gate…every team does…you just have to keep working on it…

For the record here’s an incomplete record of Winnipeg (pro or semi-pro) sports teams that either moved or ended sadly:

  • Winnipeg Warriors (WHL pro team 1953-1962)
  • Winnipeg Maroons
  • Winnipeg Warriors (moved to Moose Jaw WCJHL)
  • Winnipeg Clubs (bankrupted)
  • Winnipeg Jets 1.0 (moved to Phoenix)
  • First pro soccer league in the 90s
  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers circa 1983-87 (where Cal forced everyone to recycle the toilet paper - or go without; debts offered at 5 cents on the dollar, no private businesses wanted to step in other than to coerce local governments to support a dying quail)
  • Canada’s Olympic Team - forced to move from Winnipeg in late 60s due to lack of support

May have missed one or two - Winnipeg Braves were a junior team that Teddy Green played for in 1959, don’t think that qualifies as super pro like later junior teams did.

No pro lacrosse team ever failed in Winnipeg cuz no pro lacrosse ever came to town.
University hockey & football draw flies.
University basketball in Wpg. draws nicely for all four teams (2 womens, 2 mens)

Whatever happened to the Winnipeg Whips?

Went the way of the Wpg. WHA Jets and Benny Hatskins I imagine…Sure there’s been failures …some have just been flushed with the passing of time…I know other metropolis’s that have seen their share of failure as well…We’re not in too bad a shape today…considering

Totally forgot about Winnipeg Whips - AAA farm team of Montreal Expos, circa 1970. Lasted one year. Never forget my encounter with Whips/Expos pitcher Mike Torrez, where I kidded him about pitchin a no-hitter the day I was watching bullpen warm-ups. Mike said: “Yep, no-hitter on its way, kid!” in a joking, laughing way. As I recall Mike went 6 or 7 perfect innings before giving up a fluke hit. Nodded and smiled at me in the stands when he left game to a standing ovation.

Whips just couldn’t make ground in AAA. Too much travel costs, no television contract, bad spring and early summer weather, unstable organization (early expansion team) and mediocre scouting and coaching.

1 year and yanked - even the late, great Terry Hind couldn’t save them!

Other Winnipeg Goldeyes teams of the 50s and 60s had a nice run, low crowds, subsidized by major league teams (St. Louis Cards were Goldeyes sponsor).

Most crowds were 900 to 1500, but ticket prices were under $2 for lots of areas, $5 to $7.50 for the better seats.

Sam Katz really grinding to get crowds of 3,000 to 4,000 for most games. Katz’s specialty is concessions, stadium advertising, program ads and goodwill. Most players in around $850 to $1200 per month other than so-called stars! Katz well-known for giving players lots of Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Burger King Whopper coupons!!!

There’s a healthy appetite for sports in Winnipeg - actually the rest of southern Manitoba, too!

Sports radio didn’t exist in earlier times so there’s nearly 24/7 coverage of Jets, Bombers, Goldeyes, Valour, etc. on radio, internet, twitter, facebook, etc.

Winnipeg used to be famous for great restaurants. Still some left but only if you want to blow up a wad of cash - even the moderate places can sting you for $120 to $200 for a couple (Keg, Dutch Oven, etc) if you have a couple brewskis and leave a 15 to 20% tip.

So sports is fan friendly and other than Jets season tickets or hi-end tix is very affordable. Moose are really affordable, the new Junior Ice will be relatively cheap, Goldeyes are low tickets to get you buying food and beer, Moose not bad for promotional tickets.

Forgot another pro sports failure in Winnipeg. Winnipeg Thunder Pro League (Class about C or D) basketball. Remember Daryl Dawkins, aka Chocolate Thunder. It was actually quite entertaining but thoroughly unsustainable. Failed twice if I recall. The Ice Cream Kart guy who also bought Salisbury, Earl something or rather tried to keep it afloat - but got tired of losing money.

…Last guy I heard that owned the Sals. was Burton…I guess Earl something was an earlier owner…I tend to remember the successes rather than failures…Hopefully the ICE will be a winner …we’ll see…

Dickie Dee’s founder Earl Barish was involved in the Thunder - w/ Sam Katz. Barish sold Dickie Dees then purchased Salisbury House. Don’t think Burton was anything more than a chip-in partner (maybe 10% at most) but he’s out of it now - just left behind some memorabilia and instrument(s) at the Stafford St. Sals.

John Loewen of Comcheq payroll also involved in Thunder; he also tried to form a committee (MEC) to buy the Jets and keep them in Winnipeg but Gary B. Devious (Bettman) and Sneaky Shenkarow conspired to sell the team to Arizona hustlers!

…Dickie Dee…who could forget those guys when it was 90 in the shade and they peddled up your street ( my favourite were the drumsticks,Yum)…Brings back a lot of great memories…Some very enterprising people back in the day…like the K TEL guy working out of his mothers basement (around the corner from us)…Love it when someone starts with an idea and no money and makes it big…

Lyle, I let this line of complex reasoning drift by, then the phone rang. My Fooootball friends calling…

Brits behind “Valour FC” appear to be getting some real ticket sales.

Sked is out, looks friendly,
Team lists are out, looks competitive,
Seating plan is out, looks friendly tight,
Ticket prices are out, looks like good value and room for the kids,
I’m in.

Bought the ST’s.

Now if The WAD Daddy can get some Brit beer into the consesh, it could get interesting.

You think he’d do that, same price and he doesn’t have refrigeration costs!!! LMAO

Wad don’t pay for hydro anyways!

Wad don’t pay for a lot of things!

Someone should look into his contract to see if his giant Jeep & fortified home are paid for by the team or govt??

Hearing plans in the works for a lacrosse team. Can’t wait.

You’ve got a fairly nice and relatively new 32,500 facility that has rent going directly into bomber coffers (in other words new teams are underwritten by bombers)

So far 365 days in a year (364 if you don’t count Xmas Day)

10 guaranteed bomber home games (including 1 exhibition)

1 playoff game every couple years (optimally)

1 Grey Cup game every 10 years

That leaves approx. 353 days of availability.

Valour Rd. soccer should clean up 18 to 20 days (plus playoff chances)

Lacrosse would take 10 to 12 home gigs on a limited schedule

Ooops - forgot about the poorly coached but hog-producing Manitoba Bisons - 4 home games, very little chance at home playoffs so long as Old Brian Dobie remains ensconced as GM/coach. Bisons also get an exhibition encounter.

So all in all with new lower-tier soccer & lacrosse plus Bisons - take another 35 off the top, we’re only down to 318 available days . . . . .

factor in the obligatory Death Cab for Cutie or AC/DC Version 2.0 concert and we’re down to 317.

No concerns whatsoever for the bombers, minor sports, bisons, etc. as Bisons prolly pay more rent than any of the pro operations.

Death Cab or Reklaws prolly need a guarantee in neighborhood of $50,000 (Reklaws) to $500,000 (Death Cab)

Guarantees a problem with Wad Miller if he has to sell minimum 25,000 ducats to break even!