More issues with season seat holders payments

Looks like the team has suspended bank withdrawls for STH's. Some mumbo-jumbo about "reassessment of prices"

A push for the Grey Cup doesn't come cheap. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I already paid for mine in full as well as Grey Cup. Let them try to get more $$ from me.


Maybe they’ve been hacked🤔

No i spoke with my rep. He wasn't saying much. Just stuttered and fell silent a few times. Repeated the script from the e-mail.

Sounds like Phoenix pay system.

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What's that?

lol. Brought to you by Public Services and Procurement Canada :crazy_face:


He wouldn't tell you if they were hacked.

Hard to imagine they're reassessing prices on the Homefield Advantage Program.

Data breach seems possible

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Ticketmaster handles all the backend ticket stuff. I don't think it's a data breach.

Their season ticket holder information is not held by Ticketmaster.

But banks can freeze your account?


Did I stutter?

No, but perhaps some clarification is in order?
Maybe some perspective?

Apparently not.:thinking:

I reached out asking about our tickets and when I'll get my invoice (I pay the HFA in full season installments). It sounds like those that did the 22, 23, 24 plan are frozen. All other bets are off.

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Ask the moderators.