More Injuries

From Waznys blog in the Free Press today:

It doesn’t look like QB Buck Pierce will be able to play in Calgary Saturday. Hmmm…I shouldn’t say it like that. Unless there’s a miraculous recovery by the time of this posting and Wednesday morning, there’s a limited possibility Pierce will suit up against the Stamps. There, that’s better. Pierce was moving pretty slow out there. The team is taking a wait and see approach, but I can’t see it happening. Why rush him back? Keep this in mind when reading the above point: I also thought Ricky Ray was going to dismantle the Bombers secondary. Shows you what I know. Injury news: P Mike Renaud (knee), DT Moton Hopkins (undisclosed), LB Marcellus Bowman (hand), and S Shawn Gallant (knee) are the other injured Bombers. Of those, Bowman’s could be the one to watch. No one is saying it’s broken, but the team is playing it very careful with him. DE Odell Willis has left the team to attend to some personal business. The club expects him to be back in time for the Stamps game.

The Sun apparently tweeted that Gallant was going on the 9 game IR but I haven't seen any confirmation from the Bombers on that.

Wow is that all from this week?You guys got hit HARD wow.Here's to a speedy recovery, sucks when teams lose talent to injury.

Most of the guys on the list our going to play, except for Pierce and I guess Gallant ? I know Renaud will be in the line up ! It seems his knee is bothering him again ? Hope Troy is ready just in case :roll:

Someone called in to the Paul LaPolice Show on Monday asking about Renaud. He said it looked like he was limping after going downfield on a punt. Lapo said that he had seen Renaud earlier that day and he seemed fine (no limp) and didn't know of any injury. There were reports at OB and EP that Renaud's problem was something different (let's just say the Bombers might need to look into that Imodium sponsorship again :wink: ).

...looks like we might just limp into Renauds case.....he may be streaking (till he finds the nearest facility) :lol: ...Seriously....we have had more than our share of nics this year :roll: :roll:

Penton's blog in the Sun, if you took the Bombers in the pool, I'd maybe think again:

Warm temperatures and a stiff breeze greeted the Bombers at practice on Wednesday. It must have been too windy for some of them, because there were a lot of guys standing around.

Here’s the latest as the Blue and Gold prepare for the Stampeders on Saturday night at McMahon Stadium …

• Steven Jyles will make his second straight start for the Bombers. Buck Pierce is still limping around (albeit slightly) with his right knee wrapped and the brace on it. Paul LaPolice confirmed it after the workout.

• Absent for the second straight day was Odell Willis, and it doesn’t sound like he’s going to be back anytime soon. Armond Willis (no relation), who showed up a few weeks ago, would get the start in Odell’s place. He better brush up on his zone read coverage, because nobody makes defensive ends look silly more than Henry Burris when he fakes the handoff or pulls it down.

• Reason for Bomber fans to worry: Terrence Edwards sat out Wednesday’s workout with back spasms. Also, punter Mike Renaud missed practice for the second straight day due to a knee problem suffered on Saturday against Edmonton. Alexis Serna would take Renaud’s place if he can’t go. Returner Markus Howell (hamstring) also watched practice.

• The Bombers have brought back defensive end Jarrell Chandler, who was cut at the conclusion of training camp, for depth. With no Dorian Smith, the Bombers need bodies on the defensive line. It also shows that Odell Willis’ absence likely isn’t a short one.

• The Bombers have lost their special teams leader now that Shawn Gallant is off to the nine-game injured list with achy knees. That might be bigger than you think, especially from a leadership perspective.

The Sun and Global are reporting that Odell Willis' "personal problem" is an immigration issue. Hopefully it will get straightened out quickly.

should be an interesting time in bomber land with these injuries and problems.

im sure odell will be back soon.

losing gallant sucks tho.

....oh oh.....once you get tangled up in that bureaucratic nonsense....we might see him about xmas time...ouch :thdn: :thdn: what a downer

how do you get an immigration issue after having been here last season and now 2 months here already this season?

That is odd. . . someone give him my number. . .

LOL...are you an immigration lawyer, Madjack? You know that even if you help him out he doesn't automatically become Als property... :wink:

You are correct. And no, even if he became a client I wouldn't steal him for the Als. . . I'm a CFL fan first and foremost.

....I'm wondering what his immigration issues are??????? Forms filled out improperly...Some citizenship discrepancy???? It does seem odd that he had no previous problem and was playing here for a couple of years :roll: ...MadJack...if you can cut through some red-tape for him that would be super...I hate to see a valuable player like him 'hung out to dry' for some silly infraction...Anyway i hope it's fixed promptly :?

As do I. . . the guy's a major talent.

Madjack, would it cause a problem with his work visa if he came to Canada too early?

Doubt that very much. . . if his work visa wasn't in effect he might have had some trouble at the border. . . but you never know.

Careful , Madjack might bill you for information!

Reminds me of an old joke. . . apologies to those who've heard this one before.

Doctor and a lawyer meet up at a party. Doctor says to lawyer "I'm always bothered by people at parties like these. As soon as they find out I"m a doctor, they start asking me for all kinds of free advice." Lawyer says "well just do what I do. . . give them advice, and then send them a bill in the mail the next day." Doctor says "thanks, I'll give that a try."

Next day Doctor received a bill from the lawyer.