More impressive feat: GC wins for 5 straight seasons or 7 straight GC games

  • 5 Straight Seasons
  • 7 Straight CG games

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I did the same poll in 2017 and went with the minority and the homer in me says I'll do it again.

With yesterday's win the Argos have won the Grey Cup game 7 consecutive times. Though 5 straight season wins will likely never be broken, it did have the same core especially with Warren Moon at the helm.

Argos have had different cores and starting QBs more years: Dunnigan 91, Flutie 96 and 97, Allen in 04, Ray in 12 and 17 and yesterday Bethel-Thompson with Kelly in relief. With each game being roughly 50/50 or any the past few cases Argos being underdogs, at that time does this streak equates or exceeds the Esks?

I know where my homer votes goes :slight_smile:

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5 in a row with large continuity in staff is the greater feat. Its hard enough to win 2 in a row.

With the exception 96/97 each of the other 5 Argo wins were more or less completely different teams with dumpster fire seasons and rebuilds in between. Aside from wearing the same sweater, the 2004 Argos had next to nothing to do with the 2012 Argos. Might as well have been a different shirt. There's nothing inherent to the Argonaut orginization that makes them uniquely suited not to lose Grey Cups.

Then again, maybe not having too many double-blue fans in the stands on championship Sunday takes some pressure off the players :wink:


In my 70 years, the Argos have appeared in 12 Grey Cups and a W/L record of 9-3. Very impressive. However, I still had to vote for the 5 straight although both records are very hard to beat and likely won't be.