More heads will roll

Lancaster was hired over Joe because his offense stinks and could be next. One thing about lancaster is he has no loyalty to any of that staff. It takes a collective effort to be as bad as we have been so look for more changes players included.

Sorry to hear about Marshall, we are not aware the problems at the helm, who is responsible. I really feel it’s the offence which then is all those players and the offensive coach. Responsiblity has be in the areas not playing. Offence and special teams. Let’s take a good look at this. The players are responsible for their actions or lack of. The fans have been more than patient.

Ron Lancaster hired Joe Paopao as his Offensive Co-ordinator
in Edmonton in 1993 and worked with him there for 2 years.

Kavis Reed played for Ron Lancaster in Edmonton

so they are very familiar with each other
and they should work very well together.

Ron is right..
RL well Push these Guys to make the team Better

I am Really Looking forward to a win..