More Hardware...

I don’t expect this to spark too much interest but here’s food for thought…

In North American sport we often trump fair competition with forced drama. We put the emphasis on who can win the climactic playoff as a streaky team and forget who really played the best ball across a relatively balanced and drawn out season.

Objectively speaking, the 2001 Stampeders at 8-10 were not the year’s best team yet they were crowned champions for getting streaky in November. The same goes for the 2000, 8-10 Lions and many other Grey Cup Champs.

I love the Grey Cup and by all means keep it as it is, but it’d be nifty to create a trophy to acknowledge either the regular season’s best team or the club with the best cumulative record at the end of the Grey Cup.

It wouldn’t mean much but it would be another point of bragging rights and would finally allow the Alouettes to have something to be proud of after years of choking in the playoffs.

They do that in the NHL, don't they? I think it's called the President's Cup... or something like that. I think it'd be a cool idea.

name it the "First means Squat" Trophy..

since that guarantees you nothing!

I think you're missing the point. He's saying that it should mean something. This is how it's done all European soccer leagues (not saying that they're better, just saying how it's done). They have a playoff-type championship (which usually runs parallel to the league) and then they also give out a trophy for the league title (which is often seen as an equal or better prize than the championship title). The only thing that would be a problem for this with our system (aside from a mindset against it) would be the divisions. It doesn't make sense to award a league winner when all the teams don't play each other the same number of times.

You got the point exactly…

While its fun and dramatic to pin the championship on 2 or 3 elimination games in November, this isn’t at all indicative of who was the best football team that year. I’m not asking to replace the playoffs or take away from the significance of the Grey Cup, but it’d be nice to acknowledge the best team.

Most soccer federations run a knockout tournament in parallel with a balanced league competition and in most cases the league title takes precedence over the knockout cup. That’s because its in the culture of the game to recognize the best over a balanced schedule. The cream rises to the top in an objective competition. This would really work with a 10 team CFL where you can have an 18 game schedule featuring one home and one away game against every team.

I just think it would be nice for the CFL to give a tip of the hat to the team that played the best football in a calender year before coming down with a flu outbreak or injury trouble or one bad game in November…

In my books, the Alouettes are clearly the class of the league in 2009 regardless of what happens in a few weeks at the Big O. For this reason, I consider them the team of the decade even over the Lions, Esks and Stamps who have all won more Grey Cups in the same time.


I change my mind. I would give cudos to the Als if there were a balanced schedule… I forgot they playedall those games against Hamilton, Ottawa and more recently, Toronto…

Remember, they finished 6-2 this year against the West. The Als are definitely the best team this regular season.

You should bring up the idea to Cohon... I'm sure his e-mail is on the site somewhere. I doubt we'll ever see a truly balanced schedule... and as far as I know, the NHL doesn't have a balanced schedule, and they still hand out a trophy to the team with the best record.

The NHL awards the President's Trophy, and the Eastern Conference does not play very many games against the Western Conference.... sometimes 2 different conference teams will only see each other once over the entire schedule. .and in the NHL.. the Eastern Conference has a weak Southeast Division that gets beat up on continously by the other Eastern division teams.

I think this would be a great idea.. .gives the league's best team some recognition for the hard work during the regular season

I doubt I'll ever fly. No good organization in the NHL brags about winning the Presidents trophy, or whatnot.

Playoffs is what counts. But I guess there would be no harm recognizing the team with the best record at the end of the regular season. However, once again it'd mean jack.

Is Montreal's good record this past decade because they played more games against inferior teams in Hamilton, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Toronto, or are the inferior records in Hamilton, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Toronto because they played more games against Montreal?

I say if they want to create another award for the team with the best regular-season record, fine. I'll pay about as much attention to it as I do to the rest of the awards. Only one matters.

I would imagine Montreal's record of success against Ottawa, Hamilton and Toronto in the last decade is far better than their record against the west. Hence, it is more a matter of Montreal having a disproportionate sampling of the league's more futile teams as opposed to the other way around.