MORE great news for the CFL!!!

CFL is off to a great start according to CFL Commish. Mark Cohon :thup:

[url=] ... ark-cohon/[/url]

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T.V. RATINGS :rockin:

Over all T.V. ratings are up by 3.2% [also T.V. ratings are UP in , Southern Ontario]

males ages 18 to 34 years old : UP 37%

all adults ages 18 to 34 : UP 19%

all adults ages 25 to 54 : UP 10%


Time at CFL WEBSITES : UP 30%

63% of all CFL games , so , far decided in the last 3 minutes. :thup:

[url=] ... ark-cohon/[/url]

I really like this statement, :thup:

The league says it is happiest with the growth it has seen in television audiences in southern Ontario, but has averaged “more than one million viewers? in the final ten minutes of several games, including last Wednesday’s game between Toronto and Winnipeg.

THANK YOU for getting the link correct. :thup:

And you are right , that is even more great news for the CFL.

Now , if we could only translate those figures into fans in the seats , every thing would be fine. :cowboy:

That is good news, I was concerned about the big drop in 2011 especially going in to the TV negotiation year.

To get a million tuning in at certain times in a game is great. I suppose it's people that watch other things on TV and then flick back to the football game at crucial times.

The hard part is getting the cheap Toronto fans into the R.C.

However , this does prove once again that their is huge interest in the CFL in Southern , Ontario , for CFL football.
The NFL T.V. ratings only average 200,000 viewers per game during the regular season in Southern , Ontario , and that 200,000 , is only when the BILLS are playing.


I am hoping that soaring numbers will. If people are tuning into games, especially some thrilling endings like the one last week, some will eventually make the live game experience plunge...then it is up the the clubs/venues to provide an atmosphere that keeps them coming back

'if you build it (viewership), the will come (to the game)'
ohhh Mr Costner....

I AGREE with you 100%

What is truly great about these numbers are [if this continues] is that the T.V. ratings and attendances during and after , LABOUR DAY , will go WAY UP again , when even more people are paying attention to CFL football.
Then the numbers should be huge.

Great news! The play of Toronto and Hamilton is also great news for the League.


yes, but if these crazy finishes continue they will need new viewers, for our hearts surely can not take a full season of this can they? :cowboy:

Precisely, parity brings interest with the strong Southern Ontario market being the key.

males ages 18 to 34 years old : UP 37%

all adults ages 18 to 34 : UP 19%

This is outstanding news.

Very nice, gotta love gridiron, hitting, tackling etc. and right here in our own backyard with a league we run and operate. :thup:

In Vancouver second :wink:

This is just what the CFL doctors ordered. The CFL at it's best after some years of less than amazing CFL regular season games. Even WINNIPEG & EDMONTON are getting in on the excitement. No more , as one poster wrote ,

" coma inducting punt fests " :lol:

his is Certainly Great news for the CFL. Cohon again made the right move by bringing the 100th Grey cup to Toronto drawing attention to the CFL in Southern Ontario. The Argos are just about 5,000 short of having credible attendance.
The School Day pre season game has gotten a younger generation involved.
A good family ticket promotion could be the thing that puts them into solid attendance. I have said this before. They need to make the family package more affordable and promote it giving them their own section. Complete with activities and cheerleaders entering the section during the game. The Current plan is 4 tickets for 80 dollars That is not a deal at all. They need to make it family friendly and affordable
4 tickets
4 hot dogs
4 beverages
40 dollars
would be a great summer family outing

Also with Hamilton sooo close the Ti Cats and the Argos need to partner up and invite all Hamilton season ticket Holders to a game at Rogers vs the Cats. Adding it onto their season ticket package of nine home games and one game vs the Argos at Rogers. make it on a saturday or sunday maybe part of the tradional Labor Day back to back weeks. Having a unique two tailgate party. One on the Toronto home side for the Argos and one on the Hamilton visiting side for the Ti Cats. Live argo and Ti Cat radio show. The Hamilton season ticket holders and others can be given the upper section of seating between the 20's or 30's yard line. Perhaps sponsors could give black and gold T shirts to Cats fans and Blu on Blu for Argo fans.
This would certainly peak the interest of others in Toronto to get to the game.

I can't agree more. Back in 90s the Riders were in trouble largely because of this issue. Cap was not enforced and the Riders could not attract players and were continually in the basement. It was tough to be a fan. Alot of us gave up our season tickets because of this.. The team came close to folding.

We've seen it in hockey and now football. We need 8 competitive teams for a healthy league.

Not every single game is a thriller, but as long as most of them are people will tune in in anticipation of one. Really, that's one of football's most important selling features — the cut-the-tension-with-a-knife finishes and the anything-can-happen last three minutes.

With the coming facelift to the league's decrepit stadiums the ratings should be going nowhere but up as the TV visual experience should be MUCH improved. It should also help sell tickets as the swank new venues will look great on the tube and help sell the idea that the great atmosphere is worth experiencing in person. The future is very bright indeed. Calgary would be wise to join the party.

Once again , all excellent points. :thup:

That is one of the best ideas that I have heard in a long time. :thup: :thup: :thup:

It will save both teams money on advertising on radio and on the web.
You wouldn't have to offer special road game ticket prices because every one would already know about it [they would have the tickets] and a lot more people would go to each stadium. It should work both ways.
It would also make it into a much better rivalry and a lot more fun. AWESOME!!! :rockin:

You should phone either the ARGOS or the CATS and tell them your idea. :cowboy:

:lol: Yeah, no doubt. It's definitely been an exciting season, and I'm glad the numbers across the board are up. :thup: