More Great CFL Commercials

So has anyone else seen the most recent gem to hit the TSN commercial breaks? It starts with a car zooming into the frame and a referee follows it to make it sure this car got the first down (it did!). Then it mentions something about winning free tickets to "the Canadian Football Final in Edmonton!" Has anyone else heard of this Canadian Football Final??? It sounds like it'll be awesome.

That is what happens when a company isn't an official sponsor of the league.

Isn't the Canadian Football Final what they call the exam that all broadcasters must take before they can work at TSN?

Topics include "Useless statistics", "Invention of Irrelevant Trends", and "Hyperbole for Dummies". Optional modules include "Rule Misinterpretation" and "Brutalizing English to Form New Verbs" (Also known as "Thesaurizing").

The Canadian Football Final is much more intimidating than the Canadian Football Mid-Term, which is much more limited in scope, and mostly covers "Labour-Day cliches" and "Fan-Costumes 101".

Most study to obtain a PhCFL has traditionally been done on grass or turf. However, in recent years, there has also been an online option. Those wishing to obtain a PhCFL degree online are required, through this site, to take an additional elective, usually either "What's wrong with Canadian Officiating 301", or "Minutiae of Rule Interpretation Juxtaposed With Video Capture 345".

While, strictly speaking, neither of these two electives have much to do with football, they have been added to the online curriculum for the purpose of orientation to the game atmosphere. Those with actual on-grass experience may also take these courses, but it is generally found that those with real game experience often address other classmates using vocabulary that would largely be considered inappropriate in any print form.

It should also be noted that, while on campus, No means No.

This concludes your orientation lecture. Good luck in your pursuit of a PhCFL.

How about the one that has the kid leading the crowd in that famous Ticats cheer:

Oskee Wee Wee
Oskee Waa Waa
Holy Mackinaw
Tigers ... mumble mumble
Play It Safe

This new version might just explain our season so far....

lmao at hit em hard.. good one..

a couple seasons ago the Riders had a good one with some of their players in one.

I think Future shop had a few with always hurting Lumsden and Kerry Joseph ..

That Lumsden/Joseph one was great

:lol: But you forgot the part Hit 'em Hard about choosing your "soldiers" for consumption wisely!

Actually, I've had a cool experiment going on here.
Had 3 bottles...all same distiller, same age, same mash. Only difference was the type of cask they were aged in.

16 year old Bruichladdich Single Malt scottish whiskey.
One bottle aged in a Bourbon cask
One bottle aged in a Bordeaux cask
One bottle aged in a Sherry cask
(actually, one difference...the Sherry cask bottle was full "cask strength", which means 56.5% alcohol. This particular whiskey is technically unavailable in Canada, but there were four bottles available at a specific liquor store in Calgary. (The store's owner is friends with the owner of the distillery in Scotland). Anyways, I managed to procure two of said bottles.)

It was really cool how different the three bottles tasted. Bruichladdich is an Islay style whiskey, so it tends not to be very peatty.

The Bourbon cask was sweet, but with more "bite" and a stronger finish.
The Bordeaux cask was my favourite. It was the smoothest, and almost felt like a brandy going down. It was also the lightest flavour, but also the smokiest of the three.
The Sherry cask has a bit more fire to it, but that may be because of the 16% higher alcohol content. It actually had the most complex flavour, starting a bit sharper and mellowing as it sat on my tongue. The high alcohol also makes it neat because you don't have to swallow this whiskey. It literally evaporates in your mouth. :rockin:

Anyways, Paolo, I'm now down to the last half of the last bottle of Sherry Cask.

Next up, I think I'm going to get some Oban 18yo, or perhaps a MacKellan's 18 yo.
There is a nice bottle of Bruichladdich 21 yo at the local store, but I just don't feel like paying $225 for a bottle of booze.

Oh well. If I run out, I've always got some Crown Royal, or some Appleton's 151 Proof rum behind the bar.

This makes it MUCH easier to study for my PhCFL degree :smiley:

Oh, and I should add, Paolo, that I did NOT finish all 3 1/2 bottles in the course of a game!
(Actually, it took me from before the beginning of the season)

...don't they all sorta taste like coke once you've poured the mix in?.... :twisted: :twisted:


Once again Red you've made me LOL, keep up the good work :thup: