More good news...

As well as the announcement expected tomorrow about Hef returning, it was also said on the Lapo show that TJH and Gregg Carr will both be practicing tomorrow. If they can both go against the Lions our offense will definitely be improved and if Hef is able to go that will be great since we lost Glover for a couple of weeks. Things are looking up. :thup:

Having both Carr and Harris in the line up would be outstanding! Having only one of those guys makes a huge difference...both...well now, THAT is exciting!

Just heard it on 92 this morning, all 3 are expected at practice today. The timing couldn't be better, 9 - 9 anyone :lol:, ya never know... :lol:

....great ...great news...I hope they can get a contract done wih Hefney, that will see him here for a very long time :thup: :rockin: :rockin: goBigBlue....Carr and TJH will give the leos fits :lol: ...Time to take the next 2.... and get us back on track :thup: :thup: