More Good News - Reinebold staying put, too

(I missed seeing this announced earlier, by Crash, in another thread.)

Thisisn’t good news, it is GREAT news.

Coaching salary cap means the grass isnt going to be greener for lateral moves. Glad he stayed. Quality guy and coach.

Glad to see this!

It’s a 2 year deal for Reinebold.

Good news, hopefully Washington decides to stay and finish what he started.

If not, I think claybrooks is a good option

I’m so Glad to hear this.

STABILITY for him and the Ticats. I just couldn’t see him going south.

And the 2 year contract is great but Orlondo would cut him loose if he wanted to persue something else at any time.

I think Reinebold’s boat has sailed for becoming a head coach.
His best fit is ST coach for the cats.