More football (year round)

Have to pick one league. Travels costs are going up due to high price of fuel.

International coaches should be included in the deal, but I haven't heard if there was a coaching exchange program involved.

Going with the GFL would be easier because the passion for Football in Germany is high. I watch a few LFA games on YT, most of these players can't play and the level of football is high schoolish

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I think the league just opens the door for players to work in various leagues. Let those leagues and players figure out the travel costs.

And I think you're underestimating the LFA play somewhat. Each team has former NCAA players on the roster. I think they increased the # of imports they allowed this year. Not sure what things will be like next season. I think there's going to be another team or two (though who knows if any current ones will fold).

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I saw the LFA play. It didn't pass my eye test. Most of these guys won't raise beyond the level they are playing in. Not too many athletes in that league. Most are short and squatty. And if you see a big buy, he's carrying a spare tire.

The LFA needs to contract to improve the quality of play, not expand

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Heh, yeah I remember several spare tires on those O-linemen.

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To dream, the impossible dream ...

Don't Mess With the Michelin Man: Unusual Side Businesses

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Speaking of the LFA and Europe . . . Canadian former LFA player Lautaro Frecha won his second ELF game with Barcelona today.


It looks as though Merchant has led his team to the CEFL Cup championship game. And next season, advancing up to ELF. I wonder how big of a difference in competition he'll experience there.

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Finding out is the best part

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This weekend, one of the semi-finals in the French Elite league will pit two Canadian QBs against each other.

Brett Hunchak (York University) is QB for the 9-1 Thonon Black Panthers.

Kaleb Scott (St. Mary's) is QB for the undefeated Marseille Blue Stars.

Game will be streamed live here, I think:

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I just read this morning that Kaleb Scott is nominated for the top international player in the French Elite league. What's even more interesting is the name of the award: the Chris Flynn trophy!

Here's a little blurb about Flynn from a French site:

Note that Flynn was also decorated by the French Republic for having saved a young woman who had fallen into the Seine in winter; Flynn, who did not seek recognition, was "reported" by passers-by to firefighters for his heroic act as he drove away from the scene of the rescue.

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The semi-finals of the French Elite League is about to start, with an online stream here:

Both teams feature Canadian QBs.

Scratch that, the game with the Canadian QBs is in a few hours. The other semi-final is about to start.

Edit: should be starting in about 30 minutes, 4:30 EDT

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Sounds like the two Canadian QBs put on a good show.

Good luck to Hunchak in the finals.

Here's a preview of the finals.

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