More football (year round)


Are there others?

I'm excluding the various arena football leagues because it's boring.

Does indoor football count? Such as Fan Controlled Football? Or the other regional variations thereof?

Maybe bring back the Arena Football League perhaps?

I do think football as a game, gridiron, doesn't lend itself to being played inside an arena as much as say field lacrosse to box lacrosse simply because it doesn't resemble the field game as much as same box lacrosse does to field lacrosse. But from the little I did watch of arena football, I did find some entertainment value in it.


Mexico has 2 small pro leagues
LFA: LFA – Liga de Football Americano Profesional Plays March and April
FAM: ONEFA | Organización Nacional Estudiantil de Fútbol Americano ( Plays May and June

Japan's X-League Xリーグ 公式サイト | 日本社会人アメリカンフットボールリーグ「Xリーグ」のオフィシャルサイトです。試合日程やチケット販売、Xリーグのあらゆる情報を配信しています。 ( I believe they play in the fall

None these have broadcast coverage here but I'm sure they can all be streamed.

Of course XFL 3.0 is scheduled to launch a year from now

This site doesn't seem to have been updated this year, but for the last few years I've used it to watch games in various European leagues:

There are a few Canadians playing over there, including Chris Merchant and Brett Hunchak.

In 2020, LFA streamed their games on Facebook. Maybe they'll do that again this year.

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Arena football in person is amazing, especially during its heyday from 2000-2008. I've probably attended close to 100 Indoor/arena games in my lifetime. The style of play is more akin to the CFL than the NFL. I do wish they'd use 3 downs instead of 4 to increase defensive stops a bit.


AFL - Australia Football League.

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I haven't heard if the LFA is starting up again. The Mexican Gov't might prohibit large events because they are swamped by the COVID

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Super Liga might be starting up again.

Luckily, LFA games have never been large events.


They seem to be operating things as if there will be a season. The first game is scheduled for March 4.


But it's all under roofs!

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dont you mean domed :slight_smile:


I wonder if the CFL still has a working relationship with the LFA with some Canadian players complained about the quality of care they received from LFA team management


I didn't think about that. Great idea!

The current setup is like tennis. Whoever holds serve almost always scores.

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As do I. I guess we'll see whose on the gameday rosters in a few weeks.

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Yes, I believe he meant 'domed'... as in, 'All teams should have domed stadiums.' This is where CFL threads eventually go to unravel. :grin:

I'm seriously going to present the 3 downs to get 10 idea to the IFL league!


Best of luck with that.