More Fla. Mini-Camp Signings.

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That makes 13? receivers on the roster so far. (Of course some will line up at SB.)

JoJo bye-bye-o?

And 15 DBs?

Dont get too attached to anyone :wink:

Our secondary won't lack speed or size in 2008. But it may lack experience.

And I guess these two receivers were the two potentially great kick returners Obie referred to weeks ago.

All the more reason the pass rush has to get better.

I dont think our pass rush is as bad as people think it is. I think our whole defense suffered from bad coaching last year and a lack of creative blitz packages. This year that aspect of the game MUST improve.

I like how you are writing off a players chance before training camp lol shows me how much you know...

All I can say is these new guys may be bigger in size and maybe faster (doubt it) but they will have to show that they can learn the CFL game fast. I'm not saying JoJo Walker was our best receiver last year but he was the only receiver that showed any heart and grit to make the tough catches, and might I add with the limited playing time and poor quarterback performances he showed that he has the talent to be a good receiver in this league if he doesn't make our team this year ah well we can move on. But don't ever disrespect a player by writing off his chances of making the team before training camp is even here.

I know for a fact that you are not in a position to decide any player on this team's future so if you want to post that we signed some new rookie receivers I have no problem with the but leave out the comments because you have no clue what is going to happen.

Thats all I have to say well along with good luck to our new Ti-Cat Players.

So thats all for now and Zontar...bye-bye-ar :lol:


If Jo-Jo emerges from camp fully employed it will mean one of two things:

He's managed to bring his game up to an elite level (instead of just avg.)

Or scouting and player evaluation is still seriously messed up.

Obviously I would welcome the former.

I won't Count Jojo out ..
He showed Sparks last year of what he can be.
Rookies Normally have Problems
Look at Bauman only Difference he is Canadian

I am with 'Zontar' on this one. I was actually surprised Jo Jo didn't get a pink slip after he decided to run that kick out of the endzone last year.

While he does show things like "grit" and "heart", unfortunately, this team needs to increase the talent level of it's imports, and worry about those qualitative football characteristics later.

I totally agree, I wouldn't get attached to anyone.


It's been 3 months since football, I am starting to show withdrawal symptoms.

Oskee Wee Wee,

  • paul

ps. I saw a guy with a #25 Ismail jersey on last night while I was at my neighbourhood pub. Ruined my dinner ... :slight_smile: