more firings,cuts coming , and how about a trade?

eskies, cats?
makes sense.. maybe

something's gotta happen.
just for fun

probably not though with the crossovers and a playoff spot still there.
but... ya never know

how about corey holmes (our coaches don't feel the need to use him anyways) plus a couple draft picks, to the B.C. Lions for Buck Pierce? I can dream can't I?

Brock Ralph To Calgary For Danny Mac & Markus Howell. That would have been a great deal.I'd like to see Danny mac back cuz Maas Is obviously Injured & cant get the job done. That would be an amazing deal.

Please, please, please - let's add "let's bring back Danny Mac" to the same list as "$ucks" and disallow it on this site.

Kavis Reed.

how about the offensive line for a box full of kittens

Maas and anyone else they want for Ray

I don’t think there’s any question that we’ll see some trades before the season ends. I fully expect the Cats to get rid of Holmes and maybe Vaughn (the only two Ticats that would have value to a playoff team).

I don't expect any changes before the end of the season. Our management likes to make splashes in the off-season to give us all hope and excitement leading up to the start of next year.

What we'll probably end up doing is let this coaching staff finish the season and then fire everyone and let the new head coach hire new coordinators. Then, we'll sign some overrated players (Brazzell and Maas the last two years) which will make us think that we'll win the Grey Cup. And then, worst of all we'll probably have to sit through another crappy season on the field.

IF we do decide to make changes before the season's end it'll be some deals to get rid of guys who won't want to re-sign here for next year. We might pick up like a 4th rounder for a Corey Holmes or Terry Vaughn.

Spergon Wynn for Jason Maas?

Baloney! I heard they're going to take Mikey's advice from now on.

8) hee hee, no thanks !!! Even I would not make that trade !!! :roll:

Mass and Peterson for Marcus Brady.

Peterson for Tom Poras.

Jason Maas For Seasons 1 and 2 of Touched By An Angel Special Anniversary Edition.

Don't know how I got figured into this but I'll go with listens to my advice anyhow....if they did, we wouldn't be sitting at 2-8....(shall I list the advice I've given on these forums the last couple of years?.....) :wink:

example.....a while back I suggested we don't fire anybody and make the team and players work things out without the external pressure of weekly firings......I suggested that firings will not solve our problem and could make things worse for team morale......

I digress..... :lol:

I'll get into my past advice about QB handling and kicker handling later if you want......