More Fanfare and participation in Central Canada

Hey guys,
In one of my writings on the an Alberta teams section, I have placed a post concerning the negative demeanor of a front office employee who contacted us (we run an online football magazine) and very rudely stated that any interviews of any of the players will be directed though himself and himself only. I thought the league and teams are wanting to increase their exposure in Canada, obviously not this team. But I stated that our reception from our friends in Central Canada, our two friends, who are CFL most fiercest rivalries, was very professional and very courteous. that is what football should be all about. :thup: 8)

It is generally bad form to ignore protocol when trying to interview players. Teams generally determine who is available to the media on any given day, and requests for other players should go through proper channels.

Your e-mag will lose whatever credibility it may have if you're out there running amok and contacting players willy-nilly.

Hey Artie I didnt know you knew what exactly happen, do not assume, the proper channels were followed, but the way he presented himself wasn't warranted, very rude and disrespectful. I am just stating the facts. Nothing else.


Dude, your "explanation" is hardly clear. If you're going to publicly criticize someone, you should at least explain yourself. Unless that team official you are complaining about is running around the internet slamming this "dorky little e-mag". If that's the case, then have at it, I suppose.

Well in another thread this shill has 'retracted' his I guess there was no rude and demeaning phone call at all.........which, of course, leaves the shill's credibility in tatters.................

...and, since in that other thread, he has 'retracted' his complaint, he clearly then wasn't "just stating the facts."

And why is this in the Rider forum? Wasn't he whining about an Alberta team?

Unless is was us that dissed him. In which case, I say good.

He's posting in all the forums...he's just trying to get free advertising for his website. Cue the Monty Pythong gang....."spam spam spam spam spam........."

"Nobody will talk to me. Wahhhhh!"