More evidence that 2014 was an off year.

Hufnegal will win coach of the year.. But to nominate Higgins is a complete joke... The guy should of been fired after personally costing his team two early season wins... The team did not turn around until they began stripping his responsibilities and spent a millon dollars on three additional coaches... Jeff Garcia got the most out of a QB that will most likely be out of the league in a couple of seasons... Just a joke really.. A complete joke... If Hawkins was still no being paid by the organization... Higgins would of been fired.. The Al's pay more to coaching then players and the whole organization is a complete and utter mess and they get rewarded with a nomination? This is ridiculous.. Jones maybe an a-hole... But Higgins.... Give me a break!!! And to think that they hired this clown over a more than qualified Canadian who just led his team to a championship... Just a sad shameful story all around..Wetenhall has to go

50 reads and no replies... I guess you guys all must love Higgins... I thought people would be stampeding to throw this guy under the bus

Or maybe people are tired of your incessant negativity, and want no part in it. Just a thought.


How Austin didn't even get a nomination after obtaining a perfect record at THF is beyond me.

Obviously...Higgins knows people in the league office after years of working for them and they did him a favor... He screwed up so many times early in the season and blew chal enge calls that literally lost the game for his team. He never even turned the ship around and it was the new cow he's that were brought in that did... Then they blow the biggest game of the year at the end of the year... I just cant see how this was justified

Stupid Spanish spell check... It should say" the coaches that were brought in"

Yes Mr B- you are too negative for most of us.

Lamest post ever…

How is a this s lame.... Like Higgins was either Nominated because there was no one else, or because someone in the league office did him a favour... He was not nominated because blowing games is not considered coach of the year material. Obviously Rick Campbell was out of the running... So was O'Shea and Milanovich... Chamberland could not help his team after Durrant went down and Benivedies got fired.. So it. Came down to Austin and Higgins.. It came down to one guy who lead his team to a Grey Cup despite playing as an orphan team for a second consecutive season, and a guy who could not grasp how to use a video challenge replay system, that he had in fact had a huge hand in creating.I honestly believe that someone at the league office, that he made friends with during the 7 years he worked there, did him a solid.

Bungle has a point on Higgins. How often were there comments in game threads after bonehead in game decisions by Higgins wondering if he would still be around the next week. Austin clearly deserved a nomination over Higgins IMO. New quarterback - biggest acquisition of the off season out for the first half of the season. Their best running back CJ Gable out most of the year. Their best receivers out more often than in. No real home stadium for half the year. Having to bus to practices from their change room all year for the second year in a row, limiting available practice time.

Yet still finishing first and almost winning the Grey Cup. Austin should have been nominated - not Higgins.

Austin is outspoken and the League doesn't like people like that, hence the no nomination :thdn: :thdn:

who was nominated last year?????

Yah ! and this year he was way more outspoken ! what's your point :roll:

He's not just that he's outspoken, it was mentioned even on the team's forum that he's not exactly nice with reporters, so that may have been the tipping point between him and Higgins (Ned).

Personally I find it amusing that we have 3 finalists out of 8 candidates while player awards come down to 2. They should just vote for the Coach of the year and be done with it IMO. We all know Huffnagel is the COTY. Jones had multiple discipline issues. How can you name a guy who refuses to come out for the National anthem in the Nation's Capital win this. Or a coach with a losing record in Higgins win this?

99.9 % of the time the COY is the guy who wins the Cup whether he warrants it or not,but this year the guy who did win the Cup 100 % deserves and should get this award hands down in a landslide. Hufnagel is by far heads and shoulders above everybody else when it comes to being the best head coach in the CFL and the league should just give him the award ahead of time and forget about the voting process as neither Higgins who is clueless or Jones who is classless should even be considered as the league's top coach. In Jones defense he might garner some votes for the turnaround in Edmonton but will lose a lot of votes,simply because the guy was a total dickhead as a person. I think that everybody would agree that Higgins was nothing but smoke and mirrors and that the Al's started winning in the second half of the season inspite of Higgins not because of Higgins,if anything it was due to the influx of people brought in as assistants that made Flanders look so good.

You see... Its all in the pressentation... If my opening post was written like that, then this conversation could of gotten off of a smoother

Agreed. He shouldn't be coach of the year. Besides, could you imagine his acceptance speech? " Thanks for the award-arino" etc