more DUHH from MRX\

they seem to think angus reid plays for sask

Pos. Player Team
QB Travis Lulay BC
RB Jon Cornish CGY
RB Andrew Harris BC
R Weston Dressler SSK
R Chris Getzlaf SSK
R Nik Lewis CGY
R Fred Stamps EDM
T Ben Archibald BC
T Jovan Olafioye BC
G Brendon LaBatte SSK
G Dimitri Tsoumpas CGY
C Angus Reid SSK

At least they got all the other ones right :stuck_out_tongue:

No dead guys! Yay !

I didn't realize that MRX maintains the TSN site as well as the CFL site.

You beat me to it, FYB, we all know you don't like MRX, but digging this crap up and blaming it on them is pretty disgraceful. And even if it was them, you seem to think that a simple mistake like this is something to drag them over the coals for. It's not, its a simple mistake by one person.

Even if it had been on the CFL site, I'm not sure if MRX is even responsible for actually entering the data. I thought they were just the software company that maintains and hosts the system that supports the web site, not for the day-to-day operations of entering data. And as you say, typos and other data-entry errors happen. The TSN has a link for reporting errors; the CFL site doesn't, although there's always the "Contact Us" link.

So, who do we complain to about FYB's mistake in his OP here? :wink:

Funny how he drags MRX over the coals for every simple mistake but defends the refs no mater what

…including those on web sites not affiliated with the company. :?

I really do suspect that FYB is either a disgruntled former employee of MRX, or has a web services company and lost out to MRX on the CFL or some other contract. I can’t think of any other reasons for his continual criticisms of the company.

none of the above. just a case of stupids. forgot what site I was looking at. sigh

TSN gets their stats data from the CFL and populates their site with it. Most likely MRX gets the stats data from the CFL and populates this site with it.

When you see the same error in the stats on both sites, it's an error by the statistics department.

Not sure that was the case this time, but that does make sense.

:lol: Ironic, isn't it?

But you have to admit, it does seem like a personal vendetta against MRX, or a personal grudge, the way you continually criticize the company. We're just curious what's behind it.

Agree, there has to be more to this than meets the eye. For one person to hold such a grudge against something so inconsequential is either insane or personal. I don’t think FYB is insane – though his continual refusal to admit that referees can make game-altering bad decisions is insane – so it has to be something personal.

Well that can be our project over the off-season, trying to figure that out.

Once we solve that puzzle, then we can move on to figuring out why Area 51 has this need to think up nicknames for everyone.

Be a refreshing change of pace from me ranting about people who continually mix up ‘then’ and ‘than’.


Not to mention "your" and "you're". I'm starting to spell that one wrong now after seeing it incorrectly used so many times.

Back to FootbalYouBet......

I don't think FYB is insane. Well, not in the certifiable sense. :wink: I think he's just a happy go lucky sort who sees the insane in what appears to be sane. Often his postings will have an edge of subtle tongue in cheek humour about them. Sometimes he will come out with a comment that is plain and simple. Remember Gary Larson's "The Far Side". He was able to take everyday mundane situations and find incredible humour in them. I think FYB takes pretty much what is said on these boards with a grain of salt. I think he also tosses some things out just to get a rise out of people. Boredom? Perhaps. Maybe he's independently wealthy and just wants to amuse himself a little where we all have a little fun. Sometimes his postings are cryptic and I have to take second or even 3rd read to understand what he's driving it or why he said this or that. Unfortunately, we don't have the benefit of eye contact or body language or voice inflection to guide us.

In the end I don't think FYB gives a hoot about MRX. Or maybe he does and he has his own company and believes the CFL could do better by his services. Who knows? there something we should know? :frowning:

you are right is a lot. Maybe I should use the smilies more often. Like when someone asked what case there could be for cornish to win MOP, I brought up last yrs wrong to subtly admit that there is no case for this yr. I didnt use a smilie and some people ended up getting bothered by it.

No, I usually do not try to get a rise out of people unless I think they are being excessively anal. I try to amuse, cause people to think outside the box, or just plain have something else to debate about, hopefully civilly.

as for MRX, I have no connection with them, nor do I have a company to compete with them. My own IT history is mainframe and client-server. Nothing to do with websites or internet. I am simply an often frustrated user who has very little tolorance for the level of ineptness and inefficiency often encountered on this site in the past. Specially when others also complain and yet it takes the weeks to months to fix.

I also dont like that a team owner owns the company that is running and a number of team sites and that as a result of this, that teams forum is run by separate rules than the rest of this site. Seems like a conflict of interest. It could be that someone else (not me) might have been able to get the contract(s) if BY didnt own the ticats, or didnt own MRX.

Umm..FYB....without me sounding "anal", could you explain....."you are right is a lot." Are you meaning, "you're as compared to "you are"? Just wondering. :expressionless:

dang, that was suppose to say "you are right about a lot"

and thats another dumb thing about how these forums are programmed to work. I was in the middle of trying to edit my previous post, both to correct, and to add, and by the time I hit submit, it said I could no longer edit. That should not happen when you are in the middle of editing. grrr

Now now Madjack it was a simple mistake on my part I just happen to do it all the time . :roll:

I agree with you on that. It's frustrating when it times out like that. It's also frustrating when you can only edit so many times.

The work around as you probably know is to copy your original post and then delete the existing one. It works for me but takes a few steps. Sometimes what also happens is someone is answering my post while I'm in the middle of editing. He doesn't know and I don't know he's already answering it. It happened with our posts a little earlier. You'll see when you quoted mine, it has [you"re] with a quotation instead of an apostrophe. But if you look at the original post it has the apostrophe. That's because I was correcting it while you were answering my question. lol I guess the lesson is we should always carefully check before submitting but then life would be rather boring and dull and people wouldn't be able to call us on our spelling and grammatical errors.