More disdain for Hank Burris or Wheat Chex

As per (sort of) a request in another thread.

Whew! And not a moment too soon!

where is the People who have disdain for Burris option?

Perhaps buying some Wheat Chex and milk to contrast and compare.

What’s the opposite of disdain?

burrisdain ?




Option 1. :smiley:

Option 1 is Hank Burris. Not People who have disdain for Burris.

What if I really don’t like Wheat Chex? Which option should I pick?

You got me confused. ?

Dat Dane comes from the country south of Sweden.

option 1 - Hank Burris
option 2 - Wheat Chex
optionX - People who have disdain for Burris

Oh, you want to disdain the disdainers. Then you just disdain them and ignore them.


not much fun in that

Try it while eating Wheat Chex and see if that helps.

I only have disdain for this thread.

Sorry, that’s another thread.

Then why did you comment? ?