More Cuts In Toronto: McPherson and Larry Taylor

For those who were so mortified that Barker had the audacity to cut Keon Raymond, the Argos released two more struggling veterans.

ZERO surprise that Taylor is gone. He's done nothing this year and when he didn't dress last game the writing was on the wall.

Will be interesting to see who Barker brings in to replace McPherson.

Could James Franklin be on his way to Toronyo?

If Corky gets wind Carnival Barker [wants] James Franklin he'll jump on the first Cessna out of Regina and try to intercept Franklin's WestJet 707 to Toronto!

Corky wants Franklin - not necessarily for 2016 but he wants him down the road. Sooner the better to get him acclimated to the Mayberry, Regina RFD systems!

If Franklin ends up in Regina that means Durant is gone - - and I'd definitely take him in Toronto over Franklin.

I agree - Durant will have more success in a less dictatorial style of management/coaching. He'd get that in Toronto - gradually supplanting the well beat up and sluggish Ricky Ray. He'd also be a temporary hero in Montreal - sending Kevin Glenn from the Tim Horton Hall of Fame to another organization!

Certainly a better bridge to Cato/Adams/whoever than Glenn. Durant is not only better but stylistically more in tune with the youngsters they have or IMO those they should recruit.

Cato and Adams will be out of football long before Durant is.

.....Glenn to Edm. in the offseason, making the CFL circuit complete..Franklin off to Corky's carnival when 16' is done....T.O. grabs the Bombers Willy and runs with it...( sounds like that could hurt a lot) BUT it is less painful to the Bombers wallet in the end...Ray works the one two with Willy, helping both...Burris calls it a day in Ottawa, looking to perhaps save another franchise...somewhere....Durant heads to the Peg to give Nichols a run for top job and likes the look of another possible Cup ring on his finger...You heard it here first don't try and tell papa his arse is out a mile....I ain't gonna listen :lol: