More coverage of CFL in U.S. this year

I can't belive it! I have already seen 5 or 6 games this year here in the states
I live in Detroit. Not only is CBC broadcasting more games but TSN has some deal worked out with FOX Sports. Fox is picking up the TSN signal and I'm catching 2 or 3 games a week between TSN and CBC Windsor. This rocks!! I don't ever remember this many games being broadcast here.

I live in PA, and I'm getting between 3 and 4 games a week via DirecTV. I catching a lot of the games on Altitude, they are doing the TSN games. NESN & MASN are showing the games also…this is definitely the most that has been available in the US.


I hope you caught the 4th quarter of that Ottawa/Montreal game last Friday.

It was a barnburner!

Good to see.

Newbie here, but happily getting the CBC broadcast of the Saturday night games on a small local station here in the Minneapolis area...I was shocked to say the least! But very happy to FINALLY catch some CFL on TV again!

I love the coverage!!! now if we could only get all CFL games!


Sice you're from Detroit, maybe you can answer this question: What is Comcast Detroit (as mentioned in the TV listings of this site)? Is it a community-oriented channel?

Comcast is small local cable sports channel. They are trying to compete w/Fox Detroit which carries the Red Wings, Tigers and Pistons.

I have absolutely had it, ihave to switch to a dish network. I got to confess I'am a CFL junkie. The first step in recovery is realizing you have a problem, but i don't want to fix it.

I didn't miss a snap of the Ottawa/Montreal game…I was a Baltimore Stallions season ticket holder and have been following the CFL ever since. You never turn off a CFL game until it's over !!!