More Competitive?

Is it just me, or does the whole league seem more competitive this year? There's no team that's really sucking. Yes, there are teams at the bottom (has to happen) but no team is giving wins away. There isn't a team in the whole CFL that any other team can really EXPECT to beat every time.

This is the best CFL year I've seen in a while.

Am I wrong?

I agree. I think the SMS has tightened the level of talent and every team is well coached.

I kinda have to agree AND disagree, I agree with you in the sense that Montreal isn't exactly tearing it up and Hamilton & Toronto are both neck and neck for home playoff game, I have to Disagree in the sense that the West isn't what it used to be in recent years, last year there was I think 5 PTS seperating 1st from Last in the West. Now there is 12. But I have a feeling that the 2011 Season will be the MOST competative because I see Calgary, Saskatchewan and Montreal still staying at there level of play I see BC and Edmonton really stepping it up next year, I also see Toronto and Hamilton duking it out for even 1st in the East, and Winnipeg, well we just never know with them.

I really agree with much of this. And... Winnipeg is always a question mark in the thick of things. Thank goodness I'm not a Bombers fan... I'd be so frustrated.


I don't know... I'd say Edmonton gave away quite a few wins this season... :lol:

@Chief: I realize that a few games have been thrown away, but even Edmonton came back strong in the next game. There has to be a top and a bottom, I'm just saying that this year, they're a lot closer together than previous years.

The defences in the league have all improved over the past 2 or 3 seasons. The expanded Designated Import roster allows teams to use import defensive specialists. In the CFL, if you use 11 imports on defence, it will be dominating, especially when you can sub in fresh imports.

Even the weaker CFL teams have good defences, which keeps them in the games. There are no pushovers (OK, the Argos :wink: ) with the Lions and Esks coming on...even Wpg despite their 3-10 record are no pushover.

I totally agree. It really seems as if nobody is undoubtedly the worst team in the league. That has been the case in the past with Toronto and Hamilton notably. This year there likely wont be a crossover which shows both divisions are more competitive. It always use to seem there was one or two teams which were almost guarantee wins.

So did Winnipeg. But I think the point is that they were close games. Any team can win any game. While people always use that cliche', I agree that this year it does seem to apply more so than in the past.

Here's hoping for a continuing of the trend :thup:

I just felt like making a joke at my team's expense. :lol: For a little while in the middle, Edmonton was definitely a Gimme, but the Esks are starting to compete again, which is nice.