More Changes In Edmonton

8) TSN is reporting that CFL Hall of Famer, Dan Kepley has resigned from his position as Linebacker Coach of the
  Eskimos, today.

  Kepley has been an assistant coach with Edmonton for the past 10 years, the last 4 as LB Coach.

  That must be one hot kitchen to be inside of in that Eskimo locker room right now !!

They need to hire Eric Tillman asap and fix their sinking ship. As the TiCats have proven it can be a long process if not corrected efficiently.

8) The Eskimos have now fired OL Coach, Jeff Bleamer this morning.
  Bleamer was the Cats former OL Coach.

  Just think, the day is still young.  They still have time to really clean house !!      <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: --> 

  Eskimos are on their bye week, this week.


I think the blue team has shown that it's OK to shake things up on the coaching front... not just the players. :thup:
But I hope things don't improve too quickly out west. BC and Edmonton can give us a couple of badly-needed wins right now.

I don't anticipate any overnight changes in performance from either the Lions or the Esks. These messes will take quite a while to clean up and improve. I hope it will be soon though, as this level of preformance is bad for the league. Both Hamilton and Toronto have gone through it and thankfully they are coming out the other end.