More challenges for Lansdowne?

While yesterday's passing vote at City Council was certainly a step forward, there are no shortage of obstacles to completing this project as planned.

See the story here.

Naturally Clive, the Glebe BIA and the ironically named Friends of Lansdowne seem to be heading in the direction of tying this project up in courts. Sour grapes anyone?

Three of these guys are major real estate developers. They eat legal challenges and OMB appeals for breakfast :slight_smile:

Yes I agree with you, it's just sour grapes coming from Doucet. He doesn't have the money to take it to court and he is going public hoping that some lawyers will take it on for free. The election is coming in October and we need the people of the Glebe to turf him out then he really wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

Hopefully voters in Doucet's district are as weary of his antics as the rest of us are.

This is going down a very slippery slope.You have a vote by council one who did not get his way take is looking at taking the group to court.Not only could this scare alot of devlopers away from doing any buisness in ottawa it aslo makes votes useless.0tT could open the door that every vote could go to court would that happen i don't know but it does open the door.

No, it won't go anywhere. Everytime an apartment, a condo unit or housing development is set to be built there is opposition from neighbours. They lobby their councillor, attend noisy rallies and if its voted by the city it proceeds, and there is always the threat of law suits. But since it was a democratic vote in council and they accepted 40 amendments to please locals, it will not be stopped.
The shovels will be in the ground by next spring no matter what.