more CFL parity in 2014?

Do you think teams might be more evenly matched in 2014? In 2013, there were 4 strong teams and 4 weak teams for much of the season until later. At online sportbooks, favourites won in pointspreads more often than underdogs unlike previous seasons. However 2014 might return to parity of earlier seasons? With league expansion, Ottawa takes away players from other teams especially Canadians. Also more teams seem to have new starting quarterbacks.

I believe that there will be a bit more parity in the West and it could come right down to the end of the season to decide the final order of finish. Winnipeg should be a bit behind the other four to start but I believe they will get better as the season progresses. Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatchewan could all be fighting it out for top spot, B.C. is a question mark due to Lulay's health. I also think that there could be a cross-over this year as I think the West will be stronger than the East with only Toronto buckin the trend. I thing there will be far less parity in the East with Toronto running away with it, Hamilton being a distant second. Montreal and Ottawa will fight it out for the wooden spoon.

I think that 2014 will be one of the closest and evenly contested seasons all around that the CFL has seen in years.IMO I can't see any repeat of last year's results that had 2 teams with 4-14 and 3-15 records.My guess is that perhaps 10 maybe 11 wins tops will get you 1rst place in either division and the rest of the teams will hover around .500 or just a tad below it.

Yes and no, I think there might be a run for the #3 spot in the West as Winnipeg seems to be improving, BC doesn't seem to have done much (save upgrading some LBs and backup QBs). Not sure about Edmonton though, but I fully expect Sask and Calgary to be the favourites in the west.

In the east, it's anyone's guess. Ottawa is seemingly the weak link, and I think that's kind of expected, but that might be surprising for some teams. I think Hamilton has done nothing but keep or improved at positions save FB, linebacker (arguable) and QB which is a big young question mark. I think Montreal has some new stallions and can make a run, although loosing Emry is not good. I think Toronto has had few losses and few gains and even then they will be a force.

However as is, I see Toronto or Hamilton vs Calgary or Saskatchewan in the Grey Cup as it stands right now

I think there will be more parity across the league and within the divisions.
I see Toronto winning the east, followed by Montreal Hamilton and Ottawa...although, I could see Ottawa giving hamilton a run for that last East playoff spot, as I'm envisioning some growing pains for Collaros. I could also see Montreal's dominant defense getting them 1st in the east. So, essentially, i see toronto and Montreal in the top 2 in either order - but I'm leaning toronto - and hamilton and Ottawa in the bottom 2 - and I'm leaning hamilton.

West division is very hard to predict, imo. Calgary has Tate, who is never healthy, and Mitchell - who is still rather unproven but promising. Saskatchewan lost many of its championship team, but should still be a contender. What about the Lions with Glenn likely starting the season and possibly playing the lions share of the games? Edmonton and Winnipeg are wild cards, IMO. Both have potential to be duds, or have turn-around seasons.

I'm going to wait and see how the preseason shakes down before making my predictions, but it's good that there are no obvious teams that I can say are going to be hopeless this year.

Presently, I definitely see Hamilton first in the East and Montreal and Toronto fighting for second place. Ottawa in last place.

In the West, I see Calgary in first and BC,Saskatchewan and Edmonton fighting for 2nd,3rd and 4th positions. I definitely see Winnipeg in last place. I will be surprised if they win more than 6 games.


Well it can't be any more lack luster than last year which I found difficult to watch.

BC needs Lulay to be effective.

EE will improve, new coach and if Riley is able to stay on the field they will do fine.

Cal, a hot and cold team, so wait and see.

SK, I don't think the rider luck will be there for them this year.

The East, flip a coin for Ham, To or Mon.

Apparently, oddsmakers and gambling public see top 3 teams in each division closely matched. At one of the top sportbooks for CFL gambling, bet365 has these odds for winner of 2014 grey cup.

BC 4.25. Saskatchewan 5.0. Calgary 5.0. Toronto 7.0. Hamilton 7.0. Montreal 7.5. Edmonton 11.0. Winnipeg 19.0. Ottawa 26.0.

I'm not to sure what to think about this season.

Calgary went 14-4 and would've easily handled Hamilton in GC 101 had they not choked against the Riders, again Glenn was that steady rock for them in order to get 14 wins, their defense remains a force and of course Cornish nuff' said. With the Tate, Mitchell cycle I see them falling to about 11 wins. Saskatchewan will be in a battle I see us starting very cold adjusting to life without Sheets/Dressler but picking up by the end again look for 9-10 wins. REmember now with BC they now have that steady regular season rock with Glenn, I see Glenn getting them to a respectable record by mid summer before Lulay takes over, look for 10-11 wins. Edmonton and Winnipeg you can draw from a hat, for both teams I'm looking for 6-8 wins which might not seem like a lot but those records would be double the win total of what they accomplished last season. I feel this will be another "2011" year where 1st 2nd and 3rd were shared by all 11-7 teams I see that this year with /=S=/, Calgary and BC. Perhaps Edomonton can sneak into the east if Collaros has his pains this season.

I see a lot of close games and no "sure thing" on anyone's schedule.

Hamilton 11-7
Toronto 11-7
Ottawa 8-10
Montreal 7-11

Edmonton 11-7
Sasakatchewan 9-9
Calgary 9-9
B.C 8-10
Winnipeg 7-11

Wow!!!! A Fanatic3 a big bounce back year predicted for the Eskies from worst to first,whose your prediction for meeting in the Grey Cup ? I'm going with Cats and Lions,but you have the Lions not even making the playoffs,so who do you think gets in from the East and West ?

You'll need a 3 sided coin for that. :stuck_out_tongue: