More CFL Lousy Reffing...

Now as a Cat fan I can't stand either the Argos or Als (not trolling- just giving my credentials)... but Montreal got robbed. They get an interception but the refs call it pass interference. Oy....

NBA betting scandal come to mind?


Out of nowhere comes these AWFUL AWFUL calls, its like WTF? What is one to believe after watching a first half that was well reffed then you have these retarded calls happen back to back.

What the hell blowing the play dead when the ball hasnt hit the ground and play hasnt stopped. That should have been a Pick. Jim Poop should file a complaint.

I usually give the refs the benefit of the doubt but that was the worst call ever...The ref threw the flag to cover his screw-up whistle

PATHETIC reff’ing…

Oh I see now it is the worst call ever maybe because it is on the team you cheer for.

I do agree it wasa very bad call but so have many others in nearly every game this year. So Ro do you now think the refs have improved over the winter like George Black stated. It is not nice when it happens to your team.

I usually give the benefit too, but that one was…In front of CFL Head Office! Hopefully an officials supervisor was at the game…

Film at 11! Well 10-15 Minutes

Well it isn't my team, 05, and it gets my vote as "The Worst Call of All Time".

I do not believe there was any interference on Bruce, and in the replay, you can see all the other Argo receivers, so there seems to be no interference anywhere on the play.
Even if there was a poor interference call, that does not excuse the whistle going as the play was so obviously not over.
Then it does almost appear that the ref makes the call to save his own butt as he shows no interest in making a penalty call until after he realizes the ball was intercepted.
Of course just to emphasis the brutality of that call, the refs follow up with another marginal interference call 2 plays later.

Fortunately, the Als go on to win that game, but if the Argos had, it could have gotten really ugly....

Time to step on my soapbox again.
It must be at least a week since the last time I stated that spending money on replay instead of better training for the refs is a complete waste of money, time and resources.

Actually, I remember Arius and I talking about that last year. Take the replay money and re-invest it in officiating!

Or at least eyeglasses....or canes and dogs....

Read this!

Maybe that ref likes blackjack...

why dont you people who keep having a problem with the refs take up some other sport or game instead, like golf, or billiard, or tiddlywinks.

NFl fans complain about their refs
NHL fans complain about their refs

Every damn league in the world in every sport complains about their refs.

Every effen game has to be followed by ref gripe threads

I wish ref haters would either show us all how the job should be done, or STFU.

damnit anyhow.


WTF?.. is this your version of SugarCrisp??.. just can't get enough of it????, this is the 4th time I've seen this link in 4 different posts...

You are ignorant (or a woman - oops!) You must not know anything about the rules or expectations of football.

The NFL fans may complain about their refs BUT The NFL has a weekly TV show that their senior Official must come on and explain every questionable call that was made that week. It holds them accountable.

Imagine if the CFL had this same weekly TV show.
How good would they be at explaining the "questionable" calls this year? As there have been multiple, major "questionable" calls in almost every game this season.

I tell you right now, 50 yrs from now, people will still be complaining about reffing because it wont be any better, unless they somehow figure out how to automate it.

And that NFL situation doesnt make the fans any happier with the reffing.

I completely diagree. It makes me a lot happier to know that the NFL holds their referees accountable, defends them when they're right and educates the public, and admits when they make a mistake.

In that call yesterday, the sideline official should have admitted that he made a mistake when he signalled incomplete and blew the play dead. It's human error and **it happens.
However, it's malicious and wrong to COMPOUND the error by throwing a phantom late flag for pass interference to try and hide his own mistake.
Of course, the official was even incompetent in this regard since the P.I. call doesn't justify the early whistle...

The missed call in the Montreal/Toronto game (interception by Boulay) was an embarrassment to the credibility of the league. Absolutely shameful.

If any of us had made a mistake as bad in our jobs we'd be looking for a new job.

This is not a 'complaining about the refs' situation. A mistake of that magnitude is an indicator that there are some very significant problems in the preparation and training of CFL refs.

I think the problem there is that there are no trained officials to replace the ones that make brutal calls. Some officials have been absolutely terrible their entire career, like Dave Yule, but have the best job security in this country.

True… but that just makes the league even more culpable. There already have been a couple of calls where it has been obvious that a gross mistake has been made by the officials. These aren’t calls that don’t go ‘the way you’d like them’. These are calls that were without a question completely missed. The league MUST step in and do something about this. If it doesn’t, the very fabric of the Canadian game will begin to fray.