More CFL games this year on NFL Network

NFL Network will air more CFL games

Mark Masters Jun 21, 2011

The NFL Network will broadcast two Canadian Football League games per week during the upcoming season.

“This is very positive news for our CFL fans living in the United States,? said Michael Copeland, chief operating officer of the CFL, in a statement released on Tuesday. “And it’s a very positive development for our football operations as it will continue to expose our product to prospects across the U.S.?

The NFL Network carried 14 CFL games last year.


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Great news too bad NFL Network will blackout CFL Games up here..Cause TSN holds the rights

I think we'll see more money in next Canadian TV Contract this is last season for this one.

Why is that too bad? It's the same broadcast.

More exposure to the casual football fan who might be checking out the NFL network and stumble on an entertaining CFL game.

That's great news, last year we only got one Friday night game and no games broadcast during August. The playoffs and the Grey Cup were not on the NFL network because of the conflict with NFL games, but they were on one of the obscure cable channels which wasn't in HD and hard to find but I can't complain at least I got them and the Grey Cup.

Yes not every watches CFL Football on TSN.

Well if they're not watching it on TSN, there's a pretty good chance they're also gonna not watch it on NFL network.

But the point, is that TSN is the only broadcaster of CFL football. When you tune into the NFL network or the other cable station in the US or on the internet its............TSN

Better commercials, maybe? :?

TSN has exclusive rights to CFL broadcasts in Canada. That's why the games can't be shown on the NFLnetwork.
This is great news though. Much more coverage than last year should be great for CFL fans south of the border, as well as potential to "recruit" new fans. CFL football is the great, it should be showcased as much as possible.

Alot Football Players watch NFL Network so It helps are US Base Scouts

Speaking of scouts, there will be scouts from the Bills and the Chargers at tonight's game, according to Drew.