More CFL exposure to the USA

Greetings, our fine neighbors to the north. This is my first post and I do have a lot to say. First of all, my exposure to the CFL dates back to 1982 when the NFL players went on strike. I remember watching the Eskimos play the BC Lions on ESPN. At that time the Eskimos had a great QB named Warren Moon. My first thoughts when I was watching this as a 12 year old kid was, "I love this! It reminds me of the way we played football in the back yard." Well, as I got older, the CFL intrigued me more. A 110 by 65 yard field, 20 yard end zones, Multiple players in motion in the backfield, and 3 downs to go 10 yards. When I watch football, I like to see a shoot-out instead of a defensive struggle. Well, while I was attending Journalism school in Indiana back in 1988, I shared a dorm room with a guy from Hamilton. During a week long break from class, he invited me to come to Hamilton and see a CFL game live and in person. I couldn't pass that opportunity up. I had never visited Canada before, so this was going to be a unique opportunity. The first thing i observed about the Canadian people was how polite and respectful folks were. During the drive from Windsor to Hamilton was the fact that I got pulled over for driving too fast. The officer could have given me a ticket which would have resulted in a fine but instead he gave me a card converting miles to kilometers. I still keep that card in my wallet after 20 years.

Well, we get to Hamilton and got to the stadium and the fans were just crazy. My friend explained to me that CFL fans are more than just fans, they are "adopted family members". Nevertheless, Hamilton won their game and It was exactly what I expected. A lot of offense, a lot of hard hitting, and most of all, a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the Ti-Cats arent doing so well the past few years. I asked a Ti-Cats fan while I was at the stadium if all CFL fans are as enthusiastic and I got a resounding YES!. Visiting Canada and getting to see a CFL game was an experience, I never forgot. Another thing I noticed while I was there was the absence of showboating and the snobbish personalities that a lot of NFL players have.

I live in Iowa now, and unfortunately we don't get TSN here. it's too bad that networks like ESPN have gotten so big that they have forgotten all about the CFL. I still follow the CFL as much as I can, thanks to Youtube and I hope to make it back up to Canada to see another CFL game soon.

Thank you Canada, for putting a football product on the field that is very entertaining and thrilling to watch.

Jon W. Burkholder
Davenport, Iowa USA

PS How can you NOT love guys like Pinball, Gizmo, and the Fluties

Wonderful post. Welcome to the forum, John. We call you one of the "enlightened ones".

Many of us up north really hope that the CFL and some American network(s) work out a deal for television coverage that gives the game nation-wide exposure (although you are going to have some rude posts from paranoid protectionist that will disagree with this statement).

Hope you get a chance to come to Canada again to see a few more games. When you begin to cheer for the Riders, you will be one of the "ultimately enlightened ones"!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :rockin:

Oh, and if you ever happen to be in Ohio and run into a guy who goes by the name of SanduskyOhioBro, could you educate the poor man? We're really concerned for his well-bing up here given his dilusional near-hatred for the CFL and his inability to see its evident quality and uniqueness. Oh well, even Jesus couldn't save Judas.

Americanloves the cfl.

What you can do is TSN shows the game a few hours later on their website in the VOD section. When I was in Florida this summer with no CFL coverage I watched the CFL games there.

Hope this helps

I believe you are mistaken there. It was not that anyone did not want to have the games televised there....It was the attitude that we owed it to them that was objected to.

huh? can you elaborate more please? Is it the American fans that felt it was owed to them or the networks, I don't get it.

I was thinking about taking a vacation next fall and trying to catch a Blue Bombers game in Winnipeg then heading west to Regina and experiencing what Rider Nation is all about.

During my refresher studies of the CFL, I was reading up on some legends like Roger Aldag, Lui Passiglia (I probably misspelled it), Junior Ah-You, Dave Dickinson, Matt Dunigan, and a couple of legends that have recently passed away; Bob Ackles (There isnt more of a feel good story of a person that starts off as the team's waterboy and graduates into being the team president), and a name I remember reading about, Ron Lancaster. Unfortunately for me, I was just a tad young and hadn't allowed myself to be exposed to the CFL to really appreciate his accomplishments.

Thanks to You Tube, I got the chance to see videos of his playing days. He reminded me a lot of a cross-breed between Johnny Unitas and Fran Tarkenton. My belated condolences go out to the Rider Nation.

Unfortunately, when ESPN would carry the CFL when I was younger, all we got to see was either the Eskimos, Alouettes and the Argonauts.

i'm still here dude

Don't get me wrong my friend, love to have you around. But any progress on your voyage of enlightenment?

You can watch the games for the Stampeders here as well

I'm not sandusky, but for a sign of improvement, you might notice he didn't write the reply in ALL-CAPS.

See, if he can imrpove on one aspect of his life, who is to say that he can't come around a bit regarding the inCredible Football League. 8) 8)

What is a well bing?

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