More CFL disrespect!!

boy this has got to take the cake.
every newspaper should be covering the Grey Cup this weekend
not in Nunavut though
just more news about mining and caribou quotas, not even a sports section
i can't ignore this anymore, someone has to take a stand

All they have is news
regional stuff that doesn't say anything about the Grey Cup
go see for yourself
oh who would've thought this could happen in our country?
The shame

You're my hero! :smiley:

:lol: great post :thup:

....for shame...for shame....they're having none-of-it in Nunavut...Send in Mark Cohon and his dog team :rockin: ..This is a national disgrace

Iqaluit was the football hotbed but mostly indoor arena ball and that died when the half the arena floor sank. Hard to play outdoors when the sled dogs keep stealing the ball.