More Cavil

I'd start him over Yeast or Ralph.

He really stood out for a player with very limited playing time, didn't he?

Stood out??? No.

Caught passes when he was thrown to? Absolutely.

What I liked most was his ability to calm Maas down on the sidelines (not talking about the yelling to the fans).

He showed good leadership. Now...give him the ball more (and D.J.).

yeh i like how he was full of energy an getting the crowd pumped too

I'm glad he got in the game finally, and made some key plays. But I wouldn't start him over yeast.

Ralph is Canadian so you gotta have him in there.

I wish they could find a way to start Cavil over Peterson though. Peterson is just terrible, the only thing he's got going for him is his non-import status.

yeh he cannot catch.. hes fast but cannot catch..