More cause for concern

Offensive line coach Ronnie Vinklarek has left for "personal reasons."

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Who does Kelly hire to replace him? One Charlie Carpenter.

Carpenter's last CFL gig was coaching Montreal's offensive line in 2007.

Look at the record. Montreal's offensive line was a disaster in 2007 (ask any Als' fan). This past season, with much the same personnel (yes, 2 new starters at tackle, but they were both there in 2007, just not first string), there was a tremendous improvement.

Maybe he was the best Kelly could get on short notice, but still.......................................ugh.

I think Carpenter was just another victim of Bellefeuile's carnival...

......You should also know that Carpenter was also a part of Cal Murphys teams that were very successful...also coached about the time Kelly was on a winner with the Bombers the 90's.....I think he;s a great hire.....Don't know what happened to the Als. in 07 ...other than Popp coaching :lol: and trying to turn AC. into a different qb. by altering his game..(the famous 2 step, get sacked dance)....that might make any o line look a little wanting :lol:

Papa I knew you could be counted on to find the silver lining !!

The fact that Carpenter had a good record over 10 years ago, however, pales in comparison to his poor record more recently.

Sure Popp was the "coach" in 2007, but let's be honest, he didn't "coach" at the problems on the O-line are Carpenter's responsibility in my opinion......and when Martino took over it all got fixed in a jiffy.

So, for you and your team's sake, I hope your perspective proves to be more accurate than mine.......but were I to be a Bombers' fan, I'd be concerned......

...we know Carpenter has history in the CFL....some very good....some not so......we hope we are getting the Carpenter of the successul years....Working with his ol buddy Kelly, might bring back some of the charm.....Was that Carpenters line that couldn't get the 1 yd. plunge, in the playoff against us, MadJack......pretty well costing you guys the game??????? I know it was a great move by Simpson that stuffed the play....but i would venture to say the o line didn't exactly fire off the ball/// :wink:We hope for improvement :lol:

You are correct papa, that was Carpenter's O-line. It was atrocious all year (led the league in sacks allowed, I do recall); it wasn't just that one play (heck we blew a few other 1 yard plunge plays that year).

You'd better hope for improvement. You've lost 3 starters from last year's line; if the new line plays the way Carpenter had the Als' line playing in 2007, LeFors will be running for his life more often than not.

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In his blog, Zurkowski comments that Carpenter did a horrible job in Montreal, and that he lost the respect of the players.

Great choice to lead a re-jigged O-Line, Mike Kelly!

Well that would explain why the line played so awful, but let's be honest, there wasn't a player on that team that wanted to play for Popp or any coach on his staff.

We basically saw the same thing in Winnipeg with Berry last season.

It doesn't matter how good or bad a coach you are if the players won't run through a wall for you, your sunk. true true......I think Popp lost the team ...just like Berry....Carpenter could have put the Steelers o line of today, in there for the ALS., and it would have had the same results...When the team turns you're done.........I remember the friction Popp had with his players and i would imagine it spread to the coaching staff.....Definitely ,Carpenter won't have the situation he had in Montreal, as he is quite close to Kelly,....Cal Murphy had both of these guys on HIS coaching staff...and were very successful....Here's hoping we return to those days... :thup: :wink:

At least one Als lineman has gone on record as saying they had no confidence in Carpenter's schemes. As a result, they tried to do too much in 2007 and any semblance of disciplined, assignment-sharp play went out the window. I hope Carpenter works out for you guys, but with his recent record and the losses you've taken on the O-line, I'm not sanguine...

Maybe a possible problem in MTL was just the veterans they had on the line and when Carpenter came in and changed the schemes, maybe guys like Chiu just said "no, this isnt going to work, i liked my other coach better." but players are professional too and none of the guys in montreal on that oline have ever been reported of having an ego problem before.

Whatever the case was, this doesnt sound great for our new OL coach.

You could be right, but the case doesn't look good for Carpenter when you consider that our O-line was a great unit the year before he came and the year after he left. Good coaches don't force players into systems they aren't comfortable with. Good coaches evaluate the talent they have and tailor their system to accommodate their players' strengths. That's why Trestman was so successful in year one: he listened to his players and involved them in the creation of the team identity. It's also why Bellefeuille and Carpenter failed: they tried to implement ideas and systems that didn't play to their player strengths (remember the whole attempt to change Calvillo's footwork? you're talking about a CFL veteran with a Grey Cup ring who's been a consistent 5000-yard passer in the league for years and you have the temerity to make him change his footwork. oi).

Regardless, Carpenter will at least have a chance to show that his failures in Montreal weren't on his shoulders. Maybe he was a victim of the Popp/Bellefeuille gong show. We'll find out very shortly. :slight_smile:

I am not a Carpenter fan but he deserves the benefit of the doubt as much as the Als linesmen. His track record before coming to Montreal was good, not A+ but good.

I'm just glad the whole Popp, Bellefeuille,Miller fouckfest is over with 8)

Point well taken and you are absolutely correct about good coaches tailoring their game plans to their players strengths.

Let's hope the 'good' Carpenter shows up to coach here, not the 'Montreal' Carpenter. Let's hope all the MTL stuff was because of Mullet on the sidelines.