More Canadians watched NFL semis than CFL semis

Huge ratings for NFL Conference championships last Sunday. Here in Canada CTV did an average of 2.05 M for the Baltimore/New England game and 2.4 million for the later New York Giants/ San Francisco game....

Two interesting points here. In Canada, the two CFL Conference finals in November drew 1.8 M for and 1.2 M on TSN, undermining the CFL’s claim that it competes or surpasses NFL telecasts in Canada

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While the figures are accurate. No one in broadcasting compares Pay channels with national broadcaster. Not saying the CFL would have reached those numbers on CTV but they would have been higher than on TSN.

I would also be interested to know how the numbers are broken out by market. I have a sneaky suspicion that the market responsible for the difference is Southern Ontario.

There was a downward trend in CFL ratings this year - the regular season ratings went from 820,000 down to around 700,000.
Probably due to the lack of interest in the Southern Ontario market. As for the playoffs, the CFL still wants to schedule games on Sundays which gives it competition. Plus the fact that the NFL is providing some great entertainment - lots of Offense, passing records falling like crazy, close games, overtime games.

Apples and Oranges.
Due to accessibility, a top rated broadcast network show generally tabs approximately 3X more viewers than a top rated cable show.

If the CFL was on CTV/CBC/GLOBAL, playoff numbers could possibly be in the 5-6 mil range, while the Grey Cup approx 8-10 mil (or 15 mil if partial viewing is tabulated)

*Last years Grey Cup brought in 4.6 mil on cable for full viewership and 11 mil partial

Also the CFL playoffs were up against NFL games so the football audience was split.
The NFL playoffs are up against nothing and pick up a percentage of the CFL audience.

It's all good for football though I say. Combine both and that's excellent. When people ask what I like better, CFL or NFL I say I like both and both beat hockey, baseball and basketball. I would like to see combined totals of CFL and NFL and compare those to NHL, NBA and MLB.

Really, with all the hype and coverage of all American media with the NFL we get in Canada, the NFL should be outdoing the CFL by a minimum of twice the amount. Also, NFL playoffs are in the winter months when more people are at home.

I doubt that , reality is more people watch the NFL in Ontario, it's as simple as that, you can make up all the excuses you want or come up with your own theory which is not accurate.

So what about the Super Bowl ratings in Canada? If you want to fudge the numbers like you are trying to do, did you know that the HUGE rating numbers of Canadians that watch the NFL are tracked on Canadian TV only. They are not sure how many more hundreds of thousands or millions of Canadians that tune into US TV stations! Add that to the number that watch the NFL on Canadian stations and it's HUGE

Why can't you accept the fact that a lot of people watch the NFL?? Why do we have to have these silly little arguments every year. We are going to have to listen to all the excuses coming out, the usual "the CFL had to compete with the NFL" etc lol The reality is the NFL is exciting football this last couple of years, lots of close games, lots of passing, and lots of people taking notice, Attendance up despite the economy, TV ratings up both sides of the border.
ENJOY! the Football !!
We have some decent numbers that watch the CFL, be happy with that.
We will get the usual post titled "who isn't going to watch the Super Bowl" blah blah.
Guys get over it and watch the sports!!!!!!!!!! It's not a competition

Agree mikem. :thup:

This line from what you just wrote is worth repeating:

We have some decent numbers that watch the CFL, be happy with that. :thup:

One other thing worth repeating here is that I am amazed, very happily amazed I might say, is that southern Ontario is getting a new football stadium here in Hamilton and hopefully, probably, another one in Ottawa.

This is excellent and something I never dreamed would happen in the late 80's early 90's when about 10,000 or so would show up to TiCat games and the Argos had about 3000 season ticket holders at most I think. Honestly, I figured the CFL was dead in these parts. I want football to thrive and the CFL helps that as does the NFL even though the NFL has no teams in Canada. The popularity of the NFL I think has helped in some ways to keep the CFL relevant, I really think that. IF the NFL didn't gain on baseball as it did in the last 30 years or so, then football in the US would be taking a real back seat to baseball and we wouldn't even know as well as we do some of the college players we get to come up here and play in the CFL. And that would not be good. Imagine if the NFL wasn't on TV and college football wasn't on TV and was going downhill. That would be a disaster for football in Canada, including the CFL.

Why don't we talk about last weeks ratings? Oh because the CFL's ratings surpassed the nfl. Or how about the fact NFL primetime ratings in Canada still don't matchup to the CFL even though apprantly the CFL is "struggling" with tv viewers?

This is stupid. The NFL doesn't go against the CFL or the NHL during their playoffs. That's not the case in the CFL. Taking a very small sample size to try to prove a point is typical of the rag known as the globe and mail.

Watching the Superbowl does not make a football fan... Hell my wife watches the Superbowl and she hates football but it is great entertainment and has higher production values than anything else on TV.

It's a rag no question geroy. What they should be talking about is how football has gained on baseball over the past 30-40 years and baseball is taking more of a backseat to football.

Really, the interesting thing is exactly that, not about what they call interesting as "Two interesting points here. In Canada, the two CFL Conference finals in November drew 1.8 M for and 1.2 M on TSN, undermining the CFL’s claim that it competes or surpasses NFL telecasts in Canada." The CFL isn't what is driving baseball further down compared with football, it's the NFL. The Globe needs to realize, and they do but there are many baseball lovers there, it's not about the CFL, it's about the NFL and how it compares with MLB. MLB would love for the NFL to go away and stop growing. MLB doesn't care about the CFL. Again, the Globe is missing the point.

As baseball fans know it only too well, there are many that don't want the NFL in Toronto because they know the money available would be going towards a football stadium and not a nice intimate real baseball facility for the Jays. Ford wants an NFL stadium, I don't hear him calling for a real baseball facility for the Jays. That worries some people in Toronto I'm sure. A state of the art 60-70 thousand football facility of any kind in Toronto really makes the Rogers Centre worse looking than now.

Are you sure about that?

I thought TSN reached about 90% if not over 90% of all TVs in Canada. (Trying to find a source.)

I don't think 3x viewership would have been gaine on CTV but it would have been higher. It was a terrible year in the East and Saskatchewan for the CFL while a banner year in the NFL.

The Tebow factor! Even my wife was getting into it after I told her he was like a Doug Flutie and some older qb's like Wilkinson, Tarkenton etc. of yesteryear.

I’m not one of them,I saw nothing of the first game and very little of the second game.I was out most of the day and the first one was over and the second one I just had time to tuned in long enough to check the score.I’ll watch the Superbowl, that is a party with a few friends.The difference with The Grey Cup party and Superbowl party is we take The Grey Cup game more seriously then the Superbowl.That is not knocking the NFL it is just the atmosphere is different more of a party time during Superbowl.

The difference with The Grey Cup party and Superbowl party is we take The Grey Cup game more seriously then the Superbowl

Bingo, me as well, I don't care if I go to someone's house for the SB and there is talking and all that and I don't catch everything but for the Grey Cup, has to be quiet where I can hear the announcers and really watch the plays etc.

While there are many football fans who follow the NFL closely, the vast majority who "watch" the NFL do so with a slight passing interest. What is really important is the ticker update of game scores. These "fans" are only interested in how they are doing in their weekly NFL pools.

Same here. Spent last year's superbowl explaining the rules to supposed "NFL fans". It was a big party with people constantly running around with beer and the girls coming around with platers of food and as many guys looking at the pool checkerboard as they watched the game. All good fun but I wouldn't call them fans... Half time show and commercials also go over big with the girls. It's a great event.

Time for the CFL and fans to pump up the rivalry between the TiCats and the Argos it seems to have slipped in the last few years and that was a big part of the attendance. So time to get on the Boatmen case again. BOOoooooo Argos. :thdn: :thdn: