OIEEE....instead of adding more rings to the grey cup, they should add a few extra bolts too!
Is it really getting that old and fragile? WTG for BC!! The better team did win today!!! NO poo-poo for Paul this year! WTG for him too!

the Lions Broke our Trophy.. was that the original or a replica?

does anyone else feel bad for the champs when the crowd is gone b4 they are even awarded the prize?

i feel embarrased....i hope that doesnt happen at toronto next year ( altho it prolly will ).

....bad, bad kitties.....

Actually its not the first time. Another team broke it........twice

so its the original then?

if not, they need to get a better quality replica.

Actually I think it is the original but I'm not sure. It did look kinda flimsy though

looked like it was made of tin-foil...

just make a sterdy replica for rough handling like that and then give the players the real deal to carry around after wards.

Back to the welding shop then.

Unlike the Stanley, Lord Grey still has the original on hand to be presented.
It is the original Cup that you get your picture taken with and which is hauled from city to city each year on tour.

How embarrasing for the CFL.

Blow the dust off of the wallets or something.

I can see it getting dented and being blamed on the team for dropping it, but broken in half?

The top might be Silver, but the bottom looks like some kind of black plastic with steelsilver name plates riveted to the sides of it.

Not sure though.

I do know that something made of solid silver or steel wouldn't break if you ran it over with a truck. So obviously it's been made from bubble gum and duct tape to save a few hundred bucks or something.

i agree...keep the real thing in the hall of fame, and let teh players use a high quality replica.

You would think winning the most prestigious award for conquering the CFL, the players would handle it with more care. But who knows the real story if they dropped it or just ripped it apart?
True enough tho, get a good replica to toss around and drink out of. Then no problemo!

they showed on sportsnet, they were in a big group, all holding it above the group and jumping and chanting, then the cup part just fell rough play at all...

just old and needs to be replaced with a durable replica while the original stays at the HOF.

I'm sure that cup takes abuse most of us don't even know about. For example I've heard the Stanley Cup was thrown off a second floor balcony into a pool.

I didn’t realize they broke it again…but if it broke in two? Just an old injury acting up.
There had been discussion just on Friday about how the Cup had been mysteriously broken at a strip club just a few years ago…someone apparently sat in it?
I doubt it was a player…

Anyway, yes, perhaps it is time for a replica.
But some of the prestige and glory is found in the old stories of abuse.
Same thing for Stanley (which was coincidently placekicked into the Rideau).
Stanley has a replica because it is made of nickle and if somebody dropped it, it would likely shatter into a million pieces.
I always thought the Grey Cup was nickle as well, but maybe not.
But I personally am quite pleased to think that the Cup I drank beer out of a couple of hours after the 89 game was the actual Cup…

It is all of that trophy's legend.

It has been broken more than 2 times. The ARGOS broke it once.

The STANLEY CUP was once lost and the some one who found it , put some flowers in it.

Here is how quickly Wikipedaia can be updated:

During the victory celebrations of the 94th Grey Cup game in 2006, the winning BC Lions broke the Grey Cup trophy in two. The cup part at the top is now separate from the base. Plans to repair it are currently unknown.
Nice to see someone on top of things, I guess, but my understanding is this is not the first time the Cup has been "broken" in half. Obviously the Cup itself is not one piece with the base where all the names are, so if it comes apart, is it really "broken"?

haha, nice to see Wikipedia's already been updated :slight_smile:

It does add to the "lore" of the trophy ... Just like those Stanley Cup stories. Would be nice to hear more stories about the Grey Cup, but I'm not really sure how you can do that other than word-of-mouth ...

I was waiting for someone to say something like this:

How embarrasing for the CFL.

Blow the dust off of the wallets or something.

I can see it getting dented and being blamed on the team for dropping it, but broken in half?

The top might be Silver, but the bottom looks like some kind of black plastic with steelsilver name plates riveted to the sides of it.

Can't wait for the media to jump all over this. Another reason to bash the CFL ... any little thing, after all ...

Fact of the matter is, France broke the European Cup after winning it in 2000. And, that's for winning the second-biggest soccer tournament in the world. It's run by the second-strongest soccer organization in the world, UEFA, which is a "child" of the strongest organization, FIFA. And no sport can even touch soccer's dominance.

So their Cup broke ... and that same Cup also has a black, plasticy-looking base ... They should really blow the dust off the wallets.

Not that you'd ever hear that about an organization like UEFA. But of course, if it happens to the CFL ... well, it's another reason to call the CFL "bush league".


The Grey Cup's bizarre history

Canadian Press

When the Grey Cup was broken Sunday night during the B.C. Lions celebration in Winnipeg, it was just another chapter in the colourful history of the 94-year-old trophy. The following story is from 1998 when the Calgary Stampeders defeated the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 26-24 to win the Grey Cup.

From the archives:

It has been lost, forgotten, stolen and even held for ransom.

Such is the rich and colourful history of the Grey Cup.

The Grey Cup wasn't supposed to honour a football champion. It was originally to be awarded annually to Canada's top senior hockey team, but Sir Montague Allan beat Earl Grey to the punch, issuing the Allan Cup. Grey later donated the trophy to recognize the Canadian rugby football winner.

Wally Buono and the Calgary Stampeders nearly added another wacky chapter to the Grey Cup's colourful history last year. Hours after capturing the CFL championship trophy with a wild 26-24 win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the Stampeders almost left Winnipeg without the hallowed Cup, which is valued at $53,000.

The Stampeders returned to their hotel for a reception after the game. They then headed to the airport for their chartered flight home only to realize the trophy had been left at the hotel.

As panic set in, salvation arrived in the form of the trophy, which someone had placed on a bus headed to the airport.

"There were so many people getting their picture taken with it [at the reception] so I left early to get the buses organized assuming someone else would take care of it," Buono, who had signed for the Cup on the club's behalf, said at the time. "All of a sudden we don't know where it's at.

"Fortunately, when the third bus came, someone was smart enough to have put it on. It was a big relief."

The Cup is insured, but whoever signs for it is responsible for its safe-keeping. If it is lost or irreparably damaged, the signee is on the hook for its replacement value.

But the Stampeders' faux pas last year wasn't the first time the Cup had been forgotten.

In 1964, the B.C. Lions sent someone back to their hotel to retrieve the Cup after arriving at the airport empty-handed. And in 1984, hours after a team celebration, former Bombers general manager Paul Robson sheepishly returned to an empty Winnipeg Arena to find the trophy sitting on a table at centre ice.

Former Toronto kicker Mike Vanderjagt lost the Cup in November 1997. Vanderjagt took it to a bar in his native Oakville, Ont., where it was stolen.

Early the next morning, a college student who reportedly joked she'd give $100 to have the Cup in her apartment found it in her kitchen. Police were called and the trophy was returned to a relieved Vanderjagt.

It was also stolen in 1969 from Ottawa's Lansdowne Park and held for ransom. When the CFL balked, Toronto police found the Cup in a hotel locker.

Other incidents include:

--The University of Toronto won the first Grey Cup championship in 1909, but didn't receive the trophy until the following March. And when they got it, they held on to it for two years, figuring they didn't have to return it until another team beat them for it. That happened in 1914 when the Toronto Argonauts captured the title. Since then, the winning team has made the trophy available to next season's champion.

--In 1947, it was almost destroyed by fire while on display at the Toronto Argonaut Rowing Club. The office was gutted, but a slightly tarnished Cup survived.

--In 1987, the trophy was broken when a celebrating Edmonton Eskimo sat on it. In 1991, tape held the neck of the Grey Cup intact when it returned home with the Toronto Argonauts. And in 1993, it was again broken when Edmonton's Blake Dermott head-butted it.

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Thanks for the history... Gawd,I love this game!!! All the best to the cup breakers!!!