More Bills games in to T.O.?

Phil Lind of Rogers thinks he can make $$$ selling more Bills games in T.O.

Even though last year's game wasn't an overwhelming success

and this year he's selling more seats at the lowest price under $100.

[ 11,000 seats, up from the 4,700 offered at that price last year. ]

Drew Edwards at

links us to 2 new articles today, The Star and The Globe

and links us to a Steve Milton's Spectator article from the Fall
when he interviewed Canadian fans tailgating in Buffalo.

I think Rogers people felt the NFL could be in the same regarded elite status as the Leafs in Toronto. Just because a lot of people follow the NFL especially from the betting and gambling, doesn't mean they were going to pony up so easily for the prices of the tickets as orginally planned for by Rogers. The NFL is the big-boy in the US, no question, with personal seat licenses and all that but here it is hockey and the NHL and the Leafs are the most elite team here whether people like it or not, despite the NHL operating with teams like the Preds where for about $20.00 you can get a seat for a game and a hot dog and drink to boot. lol

I brings a big smile to my face to see this initiative falling flat on it's greedy fat face.
Based on my arguing on the Bills boards, it sounds like even those who were most certain that this was/ is going to be a runaway success, have become a lot more muted.

I think if the whole "Bills in Toronto" has done anything, its made the NFL look a lot less cool.

slo, I'm 'franchise' on the Bills board!!!!! :lol:

Just kidding, I'm aerial there.

Ohhh man...when I read that first line, I could feel the shock coming over me!!!
That dude is one of the most frustrating entities to ever grace a message board....but I do enjoy the bantering there.

Thankfully, you are one of the ooohhhh so few who actually post with rational thought! I just enjoy the ability to defend the honour of her glory, the CFL, from the weak willed and simple minded.

It's good fun actually! Kinda wish more posters from here would descend on those boards and give a good whippin' to some of those CFL trashers.

I don't know how I feel about this whole "Bills in Toronto" thing, but I get the feeling it isn't ever going to be as successful as Rogers wants it to be.

The reason I say this isn't because I don't think their are NFL fans in Southern Ontario, it is because I don't think there are enough Buffalo Bills fans and/or diehard fans of the NFL to support an NFL franchise for any prolonged period of time.

Now I am sure this may not be the best place to poll people as to who they favourite NFL teams are, but if I was to do so in the general public of Toronto and Hamilton, I can almost guarantee the fan composition would consist of the following:

25% Buffalo Bills fans
25% Dallas Cowboys fans
25% Pittsburgh Steeler fans
10% San Francisco 49ers fans
15% Other

The reasons for this are numerous, whether it's due to who your family rooted for years ago, to who was popular during the formative years as a football fan. To me this just indicates why the Bills will never take off in Toronto. We are an area that is a mixed bag of casual NFL football fans with some hardcore fans sprinkled around. Because we grew up with no geographical allegences, we picked a favourite team for various other reasons. (Maybe you thought Joe Namath was really handsome and now you are a Jets fan.) That is why you see the home-field advantage disappear for the Bills when they play in Toronto, because half of the crowd is rooting for the other team! Or they are at the game because the company they work for gave them tickets. And those aren't the type of fans you see at games in Buffalo shirtless in December.

That is the reason, in my opinion, why the NFL in Toronto isn't going to ever work as well as Rogers wants it to. Maybe someone could write a book about it titled, "Buffalo, We're Just Not That Into You!"

  • paul

ps. Please lower my cable bill and/or strike a deal with TSN2 in Toronto.

Lots of Dolphins and Packers fans as well around these parts. Mind you, if the Bills started winning a lot more and doing something in the playoffs, that might change rather quickly. Right now with every Tom, Dick and Harry knowing the Bills have the lowest or close to the lowest ticket average in the league, combined with their very mediocre play and missing the playoffs for years, you'd have to be very diehard to pay the prices for a regular season game in Toronto for what they are asking. Good on those that do pay up though, definitely committed to the NFL for sure.

Agree slo, the Bills Toronto series forum section is a lot of fun. Slo, I just owned and pawned you huge! Torontoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Toronto = cash, Buffalo = wastepit. :lol: :lol: :lol:
(Note, the italic part is an inside joke here, nothing more!)

I think it would have helped if they would have won one Super Bowl during those four consecutive trips as well.

But really, I don't remember there being a lot of "Buffalo Bill fever" around these parts when the Bills were beating up the rest of the AFC, but I could be wrong. I was too busy rooting against them. Maybe someone could help me out. Was there a buzz around Southern Ontario when the Bills were winning?

  • paul

Good question paully about whether there was a buzz or not. I would say a certain buzz but what does that mean? In London when the Knights won the Memorial Cup and hosted it a few years back there was a buzz but mainly in London, don't think Hamilton was into the Knights buzz or London into the Bulldogs buzz when they are doing well. Numbers of people here, Toronto area with buzz for winning a championship, just numbers no quality of fan, I say:

  1. Leafs
  2. Blue Jays
  3. Raptors
  4. Argos/TFC/Bills
  5. Rock

Pure guessing though and I might be way off on some of this. Also can be time dependent ie. if Leafs won SC's 5 years in a row, well, maybe not as much buzz? And talking mainly Toronto, which is why I didn't include the Cats.

LOL!!! You sure did!!! 'OMG", that's major pwnage....boi!
Too funny.

I think the Jays can fluctuate anywhere from 2nd to 4th in your list…depending on the time of year and how the teams are doing.

So I guess that is a problem as well.

The highest level the Bills could hope to attain is #2 on the sports landscape in Toronto. And seeing how they are only going to play two games a year here, I honestly don't see them passing the likes of the Blue Jays and Raptors in the competition for fan apathy.

I mean, the games will be well attended, don't get me wrong, but wasn't the "Bills in Toronto" series originally intended to expand the Buffalo Bills reach and fan base into Southern Ontario? Personally, I don't see that happening any time soon. A lot of people go to the games in Toronto for the novelty or to root for the other team that the Bills are playing. It's not like they are ever going to come close to re-creating the atmosphere of a game in Orchard Park at Ralph Wilson Stadium where the Buffalo Bills are number one in the hearts of the residents of Western New York.

Oh well. No skin off my back. You won't see me at a game in Toronto unless the tickets are free or if they are playing the Cowboys.

  • paul

You won't see me at a game in Toronto either paully except if some really good arrangement is made where the Argos get way more than just first dibs on tickets, or if this isn't the case where tickets are free. If they played the Vikings, I might be tempted but then why because I would just wait until the Vikes played at Orchard Park and go there for the more full NFL experience. For me going to Toronto to watch football is for the CFL or CIS unless, as I say, the CFL and/or Argos benefit substantially.

The Bills are advertising in Kitchener now for the T.O. game. Heard it this a.m. on 570 news. A first... and indicative of some desperation, I believe.

Petition here to get the game back in Buffalo that I noticed on the Bills site:

[url=] ... toronto/?e[/url]

I am a proponent of the idea that Canadian and American football are similar enough sports that the respective clubs of the CFL and NFL should be partaking in friendly athletic competition and not infringing on each other's territory regardless of economic disparity. Would a top tier German soccer team move to England to encroach on a second division club? I've had enough with this. The Bills belong to the loyal fans in the community of Western New York and we have our Tiger-Cats or Argonauts in the Golden Horseshoe... This is nothing more than pandering to the lowest common denominator with a huge payoff to 'the man' at the expense of history and culture.

Well said joedav. And I'll add the word respect here, something that Rogers and Lind and Tanenbaum don't understand. Some of the words I've heard from Americans about Rogers and these two and others involved in the Bills in Toronto thingy on the Bills forum site, while verging on crudeness extraordinaire, make sense to me. Ralph Wilson is cloaking all this goodness for the Bills stuff from Rogers money as good to keep the Bills in WNY in a cash grab for the team that makes them perhaps worth more for his family that will sell them. Ralph will be gone and won't know who owns the team and where it will end up. This is all about more cash for his family from the sale of the team.

I'm sorry I don't follow hockey, but you can get an NHL ticket for that price?! Probably nose bleeds but even for a Ticats game, the hot dog and drink will run you nearly $20 alone. A little exaggeration on my part but, you get my drift. That is a great price!

I don't think the NFL would be successful even in Toronto, with the cheapest seats selling for $100.

everyone sign that petition who knows how far it could go let the americans know we dont want it either

I agree with you wholeheartedly on this one. It's like the NFL thinks it's SOOOOOO superior that it can waltz in and just plop itself anywhere and fans will flock to it by the thousands. Glad to hear it's not working out like some people hoped it would.

And I never thought the NFL was cool anyways ... their game is boring compared to ours.