More Big News for the CFL this week !

The Ontario Court of Appeal is set to release its decision in the Friends of #Lansdowne vs. City of Ottawa case Monday morning. #ottnews

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This was heard in November and was to be "expedited" to give a result "early in the year". End April was a little later than we took "early in the year" to mean.

Whatever. A side benefit is that the NIMBY group opposing it pointed to the extra time it took to get a ruling as proof that they had a valid argument worth in-depth review. Maybe...but if the city wins (again), the challengers can't try to dismiss the decision like they did the first time. When they lost the first challenge, their cause for appeal was summarized with "the judge answered the wrong question". :roll:

Cheering for you CFR and hoping Ottawa makes its comeback through the front door with a new stadium in a revitalized Landsdowne. I doubt this wil ruling will stop the obstructing by the FOL and their sponsor in Kanata but once construction begins it will be less stressful for fans like yourself. Your updates have been much appreciated.

I can't wait till ottawa gets a team
love riding the train to ottawa will go to ottawa for at least one argos game a year when the teams first season starts
I lived in ottawa for a year, never went to landsdowne park though

Good luck Ottawa fans, here's hoping you get your team back soon.

Lets get er done and get the shovels in the ground. Just make sure the spoil heap gets dumped on the "Friends" of Landsdowne.

being the year of the 100th grey cup to find out Ottawa will be digging for a new stadium in the nations capital will be fantastic news

No question calgary but that being said it's very, very unfortunate for the city of Ottawa with their fantastic and rich history of Canadian football, and with them being our Capital, that they don't have a team that can vie for the 100th. Very sad bud that is life and is what the city of Ottawa chose to write as part of their history. Sad. :?
But life goes on and maybe they will try to right this big mistake in the future, only time will tell. :?

Thanks everyone.

I'm less worried about the city outright losing than getting some kind of result which causes yet another delay. We'll see what happens.

Hey, don’t blame the whole city. These delays are being caused by a very small group with very deep pockets with a definite vested interest in stopping the development of Lansdowne Park as a football stadium.

Given the commitment shown by OSEG, I think we can confidently say that when Ottawa comes back into the fold, they will have more sucess than the Gliebermans for example. I just hope they can get this done as soon as possible. It's a shame a couple of NIMBYs can hold a whole city hostage.

Yes good luck and hopefully the ceremonial shovel can go into the ground by week end.

True enough CatsfaninOttawa. At any rate, I don't feel empathy towards those that really do care in Ottawa that Ottawa doesn't have the opportunity to compete though.

Victory. :slight_smile:

Unanimous decision against the NIMBYs. they can appeal to the Supreme Court, but at the Supreme Court's discretion.

I think that's it. I'm going to go line up for tickets now. :wink:

Are they honestly that hard into it they would apeal to the supreme court of Canada?

Yes, they’ve said that they would if it came down to needing to. And it wouldn’t have shocked anyone here.

When the councillor at the time swore to fight this (he got tossed last election), he even said “this neighborhood is not lacking for lawyers”. It is a wealthy neighborhood who have been fighting downtown development for decades. They don’t want to increase traffic on their streets. DOWNTOWN.

They fought the construction of the south upper deck on the current stadium back in 1973. They have a long history of this.

sounds kinda pompous... or snobby.

Very much! They have this ridiculous perception that the neighborhood is somehow special or unique and a sense of entitlement that nothing should potentially disrupt it.

I gave the example before, but a year or two ago, they picketed a seniors residence in complaint that the air conditioning unit was too loud. According to the community newspaper, there were about 50 of them out for that.

This is the same neighbourhood that in the early 70s erected barricades at almost every entrance to the neighbourhood, preventing people from driving though it. The impact on traffic? All those cars that were driving through their neighbourhood are now funnelled along the main streets around them - and of course, those streets couldn’t be widened, so there was instant congestion, which has only become worse over the years. I think all of those barricades are still in place (of course, they’ve been “beautified” with planters), with some being replaced by car traps, allowing firetrucks to enter in an emergency.

Other neighbourhoods have done the same since, and newer developments have this feature designed into them, but they were the first in Ottawa to do it.

Don't know if you heard, but in Old Ottawa South, there was talk of organizing residents of the neighborhood to park on the street. they want to make it harder for those outside to find a spot, get fed up, stop coming, have the team fail, etc.

They may get over it and never go through with it but it was discussed. Nice mentality.